Google Ready To Pay American’s $20 To Sit In Their Cars

google self driving car

I’ve been longing for the day when Porsche will pay me a few quid to test drive one of their new cars, but before that happens, Google are stumping up $20 for any driver who sits behind the wheel of one of their new self-driving cars – and resists the urge to drive unless absolutely necessary.

The exact title of the job is “vehicle-safety specialist” and anyone who lands it will pocket $20 per hour.

They will be expected to work in a pairing with a fellow specialist inside one of the autonomous cars.

Testing will occur in Arizona, and while the job sounds simple enough, successful applicants must have no criminal history, a Bachelor’s degree or better, as well as a clear driving record.

You must also be able to bash out 40 words a minute.

Full-Time Job Testing Self Driving Cars

One specialist will sit in the driver’s seat, and must be ready to take the wheel if necessary.

And considering a Google car recently brushed itself up against a bus, it’s probably more when rather than if.

The other specialist will assume the role of observer, and will be required to type up reports from a laptop, which they will then submit to Google.

These reports will focus on issues such as the software system.

Applicants must be free to work five days a week for up to eight hours at a time. The contracts could last as long as 24 months – and even more.

If you fancy a job and are reading this from America, you might well have found your calling.

And if you do your job so well, Elon Musk might head hunt you!

Will Titterington
  • 16th May 2016

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