Google team up with Chrysler to make autonomous minivan


So far, Google has been a lone wolf as it seeks to corner the exciting self-driving market, but this week the Internet search engine behemoth revealed that it will be teaming up with major automaker Chrysler to produce 100 minivans.

Chrysler will be the head honchos when it comes to the design of the vans, while Google will provide the tech.

Google engineers are preparing to join up with Chrysler’s engineers in Michigan, where they will help to work out where their self-driving sensors can integrate with the design.

Google have previously worked with Lexus SUVs and Toyota Priuses, but only for testing purposes.

Google’s Self-Driving Concerns

Google have worked with SUVs and sedans in the past, but never minivans.

They say working with a minivan will help them to develop larger autonomous vehicles, and represents an interesting proposition if they ever want to launch a cab service in the near future.

Although the Internet giant has been hard at work on the Google car, they are open to providing autonomous tech as a service – as opposed to producing full-blown cars all by themselves.

After all, Google might be recognised as one of the leaders when it comes to self-driving software, but they still lack experience with actually producing vehicles. And this could be a deal breaker.

Google’s Self-Driving Car Project CEO said: “The opportunity to work with FCA engineers will accelerate our efforts to develop a fully self-driving car that will make our roads safer and bring everyday destinations within reach for those who cannot drive.”

Although Google and Chrysler will be working together, Google is under no obligation to share data with the American automotive company.

Will Titterington
  • 4th May 2016

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