GUILTY!! Motorist Found Guilty Of Drink Driving Soon After Passing His Test

Lee Dawson, 27, had more than a few reasons to go out on the lash and have a good time recently.

After all, he’d just passed his driving test and naturally deemed that it was well worth a celebration. Get the drinks in and all that.

Unfortunately for the Surrey lad, he was a little too eager to show off his new driving skills, and decided to drive home in his new car.

“He looked pretty wasted,” said an eyewitness. “But you could tell he really loved his new car.”

He then smashed into two other cars whilst waiting at a red light.

Then he was collared by the cops who found that he was four times over the limit.

Despite having only passed his test days earlier, Dawson was banned for 30 months and given a 12-week suspended prison sentence.

On top of that, he has to do a whopping 200 hours of community service and pay £235 in costs.

Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas said: “Lee Dawson’s recklessness in deciding to drive home drunk meant he has thrown away his license less than a week after he got it.”

A source close to Dawson said, “Legend.”

Volkswagen Is Now The World’s Biggest Automaker

Volkswagen has overtaken Toyota in worldwide sales for Jan to June, ensuring VW is on top for the first ever time.

Volkswagen have sold 5.04million vehicles in the first six months of this year, whilst great rivals Toyota have sold 5.02million, which is down 1.5% on the same period of 2014.

Toyota sales have taken a particular hit in their home Japanese market, where drivers are currently discouraged from buying new cars.

Volkswagen, meanwhile, have been boosted by sales in Europe and North America, though sales in China have fallen 0.5%.

General Motors have yet to publish their figures. The company was the top-selling automaker for seventy years until Toyota took the crown in 2008.

The Japanese brand lost it again in 2011, when a series of natural disasters in Japan thwarted their production. “Damn those earthquakes,” said Toyota’s Facebook page at the time.

They made a sterling comeback in 2012 though, and have been the world’s bestselling automaker ever since.

Until now.

A misogynistic source at Toyota claims the reason they lost their crown was because they recently hired a female in an executive position.

“You cannot tamper with nature,” said the source. “Women make kitchen things, not cars.”

Toyota though, will still be buoyed by the fact that they sold 10.15million vehicles last year and could yet still be the no.1 top-seller for the whole of 2015.

Porsche 918 Spyder Gets A Clean On Busy London Street And Blocks Traffic

They say that Supercar Season brings out the best and worst in people. For Londoner’s, it just brings out more traffic.

Earlier this week, a hugely wealthy Saudi Porsche owner created a tailback of traffic on one of London’s busiest roads when he had his £1million Porsche 918 Spyder washed in the middle of the street.

Drivers had to slow down to a crawl, whilst irate bus drivers had to swap lanes, just so they could pass the satin-chromed Hybrid without scratching the bodywork.

The owner could easily have taken it to a private valet, or even Al’s Car Wash in Peckham, but instead decided to have it cleaned in full view of the public on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge.

The Arab owner himself wasn’t seen, but instead employed two workers who scrubbed and toiled for over an hour to get the dust and sand-covered super car in top shape.

Rumours quickly circulated that the workers were on zero-hour contracts and weren’t even sure they’d be in work that day until they got a text at 9AM telling them to “come clean a car.”

An eyewitness said: “There are a couple of valet’s and detailers in London that provide car owners the privacy and security, but it seemed this owner didn’t care and wanted it done quickly.”

Although the 210mph vehicle was parked in an on-street parking space, motorists had to slow down and get out of the way to avoid the car cleaners, as well as the Porsche’s open doors.

The car is owned by the nephew of Saudi Arabian rally driver, Yazeed Al-Rajhi, and is in London as part of Supercar Season, as rich Arab’s flock to the UK to escape the sweltering middle eastern sun.

“These foreigners keep coming over here and taking all our traffic. It isn’t right,” said one cockney who admits he hasn’t even been involved in traffic for 20 years.

Toyota Launch “Dream Car” Contest For Kids

Toyota are one of those brands that dare to innovate, and they have now come up with a rather novel “Dream Car Collection” contest that will feature creative ideas from children on car design.

For the final contest, 93 pieces of child art from 81 countries have been selected. They will be animated and uploaded to the campaign site.

Internet users, car lovers and art critics will then be able to watch the different “dreams” from around the world.

Each masterpiece will be accompanied by a video, as well as a “Did You Know?” animation that will explain the essence of each idea.

Concepts by the children include a “Handicap-friendly car”, as well as a “Toyota Arctic Car.”

“Since the inception of Toyota’s Dream Car Art Contest, children around the world have depicted their car ideas based on societal, environmental, political, local and global issues affecting their lives.”

It is rumoured that Paul Gascoigne tried to submit a car that would drive him home when drunk, but he mailed it to The Hare and Hounds by mistake.

Thirty winners will be invited to Japan, along with their parents.

Toyota have not actually said whether they will go on to develop any of the submitted cars, leading to suggestions that they’re just looking for some new art work for the company’s offices.

12 Month Waiting List For Ford Mustang 2015

Prices for Ford’s highly sought-after Mustang coupe start at just £28,995, but any Brit who fancies getting their hands on one will have to wait a whole year for delivery.

Bloody hell, sounds like you can get ricin delivered quicker.

But it’s the agony and compromise that UK buyers face, who are finally able to specify and order a Ford Mustang for the first time ever.

Anyone who was lucky enough to specify and order one of the muscle cars last year will be happy to know that first orders arrive on British shores later this year.

But anyone who orders now has been warned by a Ford spokesman: “Order one now and you will have to wait 12 months.”

But when you consider that August has pretty much started whilst Christmas always flies by, it’s more like 8 months really. Kinda.

1,800 Mustang UK sales have been forecast for the next year. The coupe comes available with either a 2.3-litre or 5.0-litre power plant, and its starting price is lower than rivals BMW 4 Series and Audi A5.

The price also makes the new Focus seem expensive.

The Mustang has been produced for over 50 years, but UK buyers haven’t been able to get their hands on one until now. In anticipation of this, Ford have introduced a four-pot petrol engine that will please fuel-conscious Brits.

The base-level variant can get from rest to 60mph in 5.5 seconds, whilst the 412bhp 5.0-litre V8 coupe rockets to 60mph in 4.5 seconds.

Will Titterington
  • 31st July 2015

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