6 Point Hyundai Veloster Review

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Hyundai Veloster review

The Hyundai Veloster is one of the most daring cars that can be found on the market today. Its design, features, and ambitions made it a model that you shouldn’t overlook when shopping for a new vehicle.

A Quick Glance at the Hyundai Veloster

What strikes most you when looking at the Hyundai Veloster is the number of doors. Most cars have 2 or 4, but this particular Hyundai has 3. While this is not the first car ever to be produced with 3 doors (think Mini Clubman), it is still interesting enough to see this unusual number of doors on a vehicle again.


Hyundai became known in the car market for its affordable coupes. Even though few people think these are the best cars in the world, they are easy to buy, and cheap to maintain. The new models built by Hyundai are trying to attract younger customers, who love to drive daring cars, with attractive design and a nice board.

Driving Experience

The Veloster has a 1.6-litre engine, that allows you to save money and while also being conscious of the environment. As the engine is not too powerful, the overall performance is reduced. The Veloster first debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007 and each year potential buyers were promised an improved version.

Design and Build

When you walk around the car, you will have a déjà vu feeling. In some parts, it is similar to the Honda CR-Z or Citroen C4 Coupe. The back doors open in a classic way and you might find that the interior is not the best fit for a taller driver. Despite this, the numerous features and the ultra modern design make the interior the best thing you can find in the design of this model. The materials used inside could be considered quite basic, but that isn’t unusual in an inexpensive vehicle.

Market and Model

The company launched two models of the Veloster, an entry level and a sport one. The latter version has sporty alloy pedals, keyless entry with engine start/stop button, cruise control, sunroof with tilt, heated front seats, and black leather upholstery. The standard features that come with the entry level vehicle are the LED daytime running lights, reversing sensors, iPod connection, climate control air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity with voice recognition, touch screen media centre and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Cost of Ownership

The BlueDrive has 137g/km and the entry level records 148g/km. The fuel consumption is small for a car of this size. This car is perfect for first time buyers or for people who are looking for a new coupe, however, the Veloster is competing with several other models, such as the Peugeot RCZ and Chrysler Crossfire.


As it took a while to enter the market, Hyundai’s Veloster did not exactly succeed in becoming popular with the target consumers it was intended for. It is a smart car, but remains behind other models that improved the electronic systems and the screen features. The company was very ambitious with the Veloster and there is potential in the future for this model if they consider a facelift.

What do you think about the Hyundai Veloster?

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