A Coupe On Stilts? Find Out In Our Infiniti FX Review

When asked to name a renowned manufacturer of luxury SUVs, it’s fair to say that Infiniti wouldn’t be the first name to come from most people’s lips. The marks most people head for when looking for car lease deals on vehicles in this class tend to be the likes of the Porsche Cayenne, BMW X6, and of course, Range Rover’s offerings. See them compared in this video

Infiniti is a newcomer (at least so far as the European market is concerned). This Japanese manufacturer has obviously done its homework on what people want from an SUV at the top end. Pleasingly, it’s come up with the Infiniti FX: a car that’s designed to give the more established names a run for their money.

The good news is that Infiniti has achieved what it set out to do. The Infiniti FX deserves to be taken out for a test drive for three very good reasons: a luxurious build quality and finish; a satisfying driving experience and an impressive bundle of features as standard to make this one of the best value options in the luxury SUV class.

Luxurious build quality and finish

Inifiniti FX50

Inifiniti FX50

The exterior design demonstrates that Infiniti has a look and feel all of its own. That double-arched grille and the ever so slightly menacing headlight set-up are what dominates the front of the Infiniti FX. All those rounded lines and impressive curves give it much more of a coupe feel than many of its rivals. For many motorists looking at car leasing deals in this class, it’s important to find just the right combination of sportiness style and ruggedness. What this translates to in real life is of course largely a matter of personal preference – although there’s no denying that Infiniti has come up with an interesting take on the concept.

The cabin won’t disappoint you either. The all leather seating is certainly inviting. What’s more, both the driver and the passenger’s seats are fully adjustable – allowing you to settle down in comfort for even the longest journey. Lots of nice little touches such as satin finish doors and a classy oval clock also play their part in giving the car a feeling of quality.

Satisfying driving experience

Whichever Infiniti FX model you opt for, you get the benefit of an extremely capable all-wheel-drive system which ensures that cornering and general handling on the open road is an absolute delight – whatever the conditions outside. It has to be said that in common with most SUVs – even at this end of the market, the Infiniti FX probably isn’t a car to consider if you want serious offroad capabilities. Instead, this car is all about delivering an effective drive on the open road  – and it certainly succeeds on that score.

Most motorists should be more than satisfied with the capabilities of the 316 bhp FX37 V6 petrol engine – with its ability to get you from rest to sixty in an impressive 6.8 seconds on its way up to a top speed of 145 mph. If you’re in the market for elite-level handling when looking for car lease deals though, you may wish to check out the 385 bhp V8, which comes with active rear wheel steering.

Whichever powerhouse you opt for, you get the benefit of a seven-speed automatic gearbox – complete with handy paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

SUVs in this category aren’t exactly renowned for their fuel efficiency though – and this is reflected in the stats. For instance, with the FX37 V6 petrol, expect to get around 23 mpg on the combined cycle.

Impressive bundle of features

If you’re considering an outright purchase option on the Infiniti FX, expect not to get any change from £45,000.  For the V8 model, the price climbs closer to £55,000 – although initial outlay can of course be reduced substantially by considering car leasing deals.

It also has to be remembered that this price tag is pretty much par for the course when compared to this car’s direct competition. Importantly, Infiniti has included the type of extras that you generally expect to pay extra for with other manufacturers. These include full leather trim, heated and cooled front seats with electric adjustment, cruise control and a great fun 2 Gb music storage system.

The final word

Would you be tempted away from the likes of the Porsche Cayenne, the Range Rover Evoque or the BMW X5 and opt for Infiniti instead? If you own the FX what do you think of our Infiniti FX review? Would you add anything else? Leave your comments. We love to read them.


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