Is it time to go Dutch on electric vehicles?

What incentives would make you take the plunge and go electric?

In spite of the government incentives and cheaper running costs, theres still something about electric cars that arouses suspicion it could be a worry about how far we can get on a single charge, the hassle of refueling or the fact the things cost so much more to buy than similar fossil-fuelled models. So is it time we upped our game in the UK and looked to places like Holland and Norway, the only countries on the planet where EV sales account for more than 1% of new cars sold, to see why their incentive schemes are working? Norway, where plug-ins and hybrids accounted for 6.1% of all cars sold in 2013, currently leads the way in EV take-up, closely followed by the Netherlands where eco-cars made up around 5% of car sales last year.

The take-up in Holland could be set to grow even further following the news that the A15 motorway, which runs from the port of Rotterdam to the east of the country, is to be turned into the world’s first sustainable motorway, used by a large number of EV’s, all powered from renewable sources and generated along the motorway’s corridor.

If the plan is a success it’s hoped that by next year 40,000 people will own or share an EV powered by solar or wind energy from panels or turbines located alongside the A15.

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Andrew Kirkley
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  • 5th June 2014

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