Jaguar XF finance, test drive and car review

The Jaguar XF challenges convention and sets its own rules, while it combines style, performance and the creation of a sporty and refined Jaguar XF which has plenty of space and presence of a luxury saloon, this XF has started a whole new era for the manufacturer Jaguar.

The driving experience surpasses expectations which has been part of the reason for the great success of the Jaguar XF it has a striking appearance, great control and still relaxed and confident to drive.

This Jaguar XF has the visual excitement of a coupe and yet plenty of room for 5 adults to travel in comfort, Jaguar has developed a fast, beautiful machine which does not fail to impress.

Thankfully the quality and eye for detail has be maintained which has been balanced with driver friendly touch screen controls which are easy to use.

The Jaguar XF has shift-by-wire transmission control, with Jaguar’s class-leading sequential shift system, which has been taken form the XK sports car. Shift-by-wire replaces manual shift linkages with electronic commands and gives every XF very smooth gear changes which are fast, most exciting feature of the Jaguar XF’s transmission control is the all-new JaguarDrive SelectorTM which is an industry first rotary shift interface that combines precise, intuitive control with space-saving packaging, to allow maximum interior storage space and options.

Then the Jaguar XF continues to delight with Air-conditioning vents which present a flush dashboard surface until the ignition is switched on, at which point they elegantly rotate to the open position. Another new technology – JaguarSenseTM – introduces touch or proximity-sensing control for overhead console lights and the glovebox release.

Jaguar XF available on finance, outright purchase and lease

All of this means that when you relax inside the Jaguar XF you are in a very special place. There is plenty of space and yet it is stil a sense of being in a perfectly proportioned, agile car. There is also comfort, the craftsmanship, materials and attention to detail which will impress. The generous equipment specification – the features that empower rather than overpower the driver – and the strengths of the Jaguar XF are readily apparent, and you will know you have made the right choice.

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  • 11th January 2011

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