Judge Says Porsche Not Responsible For Paul Walker’s Death

Paul Walker, Porsche

A U.S. federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought against Porsche that claimed the German automotive giant should take some responsibility for the death of The Fast and The Furious star Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas.

Roger Rodas’ widow had claimed in a suit that defects had played a role in the crash, and is now preparing to appeal the verdict.

Kristine Rodas claimed the 2005 Carrera GT had defective suspension, a missing racing fuel cell, and was being rolled out without a racing cage that meant it was not adequately protected from impact that came at it from the side.

However, the judge waved away this argument as moot because the force that killed Roger Rodas came from the front, and not the side.

As well as this case that was thrown out in a federal court, Kristine also has one being readied for hearing in a state court, but it is now expected that will be dismissed, too.

Other Cases Still To Be Heard

The decision on the suit brought against Porsche by Kristine Rodas does not affect the one brought by Meadow Walker, daughter of Paul.

Although Roger Rodas, who was driving, was killed on impact, Paul Walker “was a passenger in the car who survived the crash but was trapped and burned to death because of the vehicle’s defects.”

The 2005 Porsche Carrera GT spun out of control near LA in November 2013, striking a lamppost and some trees before bursting into flames.

Both Walker and Rodas died before paramedics could free them from the carnage.

Porsche are fighting all cases brought against them, describing the suits as “nonsense.”

“The mere fact that Mr Rodas had driven with some skill in race does not mean that he always drove with skill on the street and was incapable of losing control of a car,” said Porsche in filed documents.

The 2005 Porsche Carrera GT is an explosive car that will “bite your head off” if you make just one mistake, according to Jeremy Clarkson.

Will Titterington
  • 6th April 2016

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