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Kia continues to take the UK by storm as it hits new records with its voguish, prime range of vehicles that remain the ultimate options for lease or purchase in the auto industry.

Kia models remain the preferred choices for purchase in the UK especially new customers who have seen to it that the brand achieves 5,176 unit sales in a month.

On the global scene, Kia witnessed a 15 per cent growth on the sales realised in the previous year with monthly sales hitting a high of 240,000 units and total sales for the year hitting 1,106,041 units.

The continued success seen with the Kia models is a direct ticket and a reason well convincing to settle on Kia as the ideal brand for all your car purchases.

This phenomenal success comes in the wake of the Cee’d’s replacement, a model that went on sale in the UK on the 1st June.

Purchase or lease any of the fabulous models available in the UK market today and you wont be disappointed.

It is also on record that May sales for Kia models grew by more than 32 per cent in comparison to last year’s figure of 3,873.

These models are widely appreciated in the UK auto industry thanks to their amazing efficiency and economy on fuel.

In addition to the above, these models have managed to fend off competition from seasoned brands to achieve what these brands have not been able to in many years.

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  • 12th June 2012

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