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Kia has made headlines once again for its Rio 1.1 CRDi EcoDynamics that recently picked up an award as the ‘Best sub-100g/km business car’ for its travail in minimizing CO2 emissions.

Do you want to be part of the team crusading for greener cars than what the automobile industry has already seen?

You don’t need to necessarily go on the streets; instead you can give this green campaign that impetus by simply opting to either purchase or lease the new Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi EcoDynamics.

Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi EcoDynamics has remained an exemplar of success and a model of a green car that any individual should purchase or lease.

Individuals who have gone for a lease of this car before will stand their ground that this car is unmatched in the automobile industry as far as power and performance are concerned.

The CO2 emissions hitting a low of 85g/km attest to this car’s endeavor to derogate harmful pollutants in man’s environment.

The Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi EcoDynamics has witnessed amazing sales in the recent days, an achievement which has been attributed to its top-class green attributes.

This car model managed to beat the rest of the car models including the previous Kia Rio models basically because of its low CO2 emission levels.

This new version of Kia Rio boasts of 1.1-litre 3-cylinder diesel engine that is considered very powerful in today’s motor industry.

A lease of this car model cushions an individual against excessive running costs that are typical of a majority of car models in the market.

The experience that this Rio 1.1 CRDi EcoDynamics promises is truly overwhelming. The compact hatchback is not any different from the most celebrated Ford Fiesta and the Vauxhall Corsa.

Lease this excellent car and savor what the previous car models have not treated you to.

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  • 26th March 2012

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