5 Reasons Why The 2014 Kia Rio Could Be For You

2014 Kia Rio- The Lowdown.

Let’s face it, drivers looking for car lease deals on superminis aren’t exactly faced with a lack of choice. It pays to consider all your options, and the 2014 Kia Rio certainly deserves to be up there on your list along with the likes of the Ford Fiesta. It’s rather stylish, deceptively spacious and continues to impress as one of the greenest and most economical to run cars in its class.

1. The Look and Feel

Kia Rio

Kia Rio

It’s not the most distinctive of cars in terms of its exterior, but the Kia Rio has a handful of nice little features. For a touch of personality, there’s a neat ‘tiger nose’ front grille that blends seamlessly with the headlamps. A feature line runs along the flanks up to a sharply-angled rear. One minor quibble is that some drivers may find the slightly limited rear view an annoyance. If you checked out but then dismissed the Kia Rio on the basis of the quality of the materials on earlier models, it’s definitely worth checking out the revised interior before you decide on car leasing deals. You’re likely to be impressed by what Kia has done. A smart and simple three-cylinder instrument cluster accompanies new features such as smart toggle switches and a fully adjustable steering wheel on all but the most basic of spec levels. If you’re a particularly tall supermini fan, you’ll welcome the fact that the driver’s seat is height adjustable. In fact, there’s plenty of room all round for a car in this class. It’s worth pointing out that the 2014 Kia Rio is 55 mm longer than the Fiesta and the new version has been widened by 25mm. You could even get away with car lease deals on a Kia for car pool purposes: there’s enough room in the back for two adults to sit comfortably – even on relatively longjourneys. The boot size is pretty much standard for a car in this class; offering 288 litres of space – with the ability to increase it further by pushing forward the seats.


2. Performance

The engine range starts with an 83 bhp 1.25 petrol version along with a further petrol variant with a 1.4-litre, 107-bhp capacity. There are two diesel versions as well; a 74 bhp 1.1 litre and a 89bhp 1.4-litre. With those sorts of specifications, the Kia Rio is hardly going to set the world alight when it comes to power and speed – but those aren’t the priorities of anyone looking for car lease deals in this category. The higher-powered petrol variant takes just over 11 seconds to get from zero to sixty and is capable of a top speed of 114 mph.



3. To Drive

That’s not to say that the 2014 Kia Rio isn’t pleasing to drive though. It benefits from a highly responsive 6-speed gearbox and a reliable ESC stability control right across the range. All of this means that the 2014 Kia Rio definitely isn’t going to feel out of its comfort zone when out on the open road.


4. Options and Efficiency

All four engine variants are available in a choice of three or five-door models. In terms of equipment, even at the very bottom end, your Kia Rio will come with daytime running lights, and MP3-compatible CD stereo, hill-start assist and a height-adjustable driver’s seat. You do however, have to opt in to Bluetooth and air conditioning. The Emergency Brake Assist feature which comes as standard also incorporates Emergency Stop Signalling to automatically warn drivers ahead that there’s a problem. The ability to keep running costs down is one of the prime reasons why car leasing deals on cars in this class are so popular.


5. Efficiency

The 2014 Kia Rio certainly doesn’t disappoint on efficiency. In fact, the figures for the 1.1-litre diesel are pretty startling: Kia claims it will deliver 88.3 mpg on the combined cycle (without the air-con). The lower powered petrol variant offers a respectable 56.5 mpg whereas even the most powerful of the petrol variants gives 51.4 mpg.


The Final Word…

Offering a comfortable ride for driver and passengers, great handling in a variety of road settings and remarkable fuel-efficiency, the Kia Rio definitely deserves a test drive.

What do you think of 2014 Kia Rio?

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  • 22nd January 2014

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