Lease the ‘Best Small Trades Van’ – Nissan’s NV200

Image of Nissan NV200

The Nissan NV200 Wins ‘Best Small Trades Van’ and ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ contract

Nissan are delighted to receive the ‘Best Small Trades Van’ award from Trade Driver magazine for their Nissan NV200.

The van stands out as the best in its class in terms of its significant storage capacity and huge versatility. An ideal lease or purchase choice.

This van may look small from the outlook, but its interior has ample space and versatility, accommodating an amazing cargo of over 4.2 cubic metres.

The NV200 is available in the UK’s auto-market as a Panel Van with a 1.5 dCi engine with 85hp or 110hp and as a five or seven seat Combi and comes well equipped with Bluetooth connectivity facilities virtually across the entire range.

The NV200 has compact dimensions and a tight turning circle, making it perfect for city driving while still offering the largest cargo volume in its category.

Nissan’s NV200 compact van has also won the ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ contract. The entire New York City taxi fleet will be converting to Nissan’s people carrier towards the end of 2013.

This small van with the BIG interior is now becoming a common sight on UK roads with more and more traders opting for the lease or purchase of this vehicle.

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  • 16th May 2012

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