The Chevrolet Volt – 2012 Car of the Year

Named ‘2012 Car of the Year’, the Chevrolet Volt is a magnificent, highly performing, practical and very ‘green’ vehicle.

Equally prudent, the Chevrolet Volt promises confident road manners and has an electric drive unit, a torque of 370Nm, an acceleration time of 0 to 60 mph in around 9 seconds and is capable of covering 50 miles on one battery charge.

The Volt is neither a hybrid or battery electric vehicle. It is an E-REV (extended range electric vehicle). With a range of over 300 miles, the Volt is a car you can use for longer journeys.

There are four driving modes; normal, sport, mountain and hold. Whichever mode you’re using, regenerative braking technology means that the energy from the moving car is re-channelled into the battery system for increased efficiency.

Electric cars are wonderfully quiet and effortless to drive. Safety is paramount too. The Volt has 8 airbags and has received top ratings for crash safety.

The Volt has plenty of ‘oomph’ and stunning design features such as a closed front grille and a sporty integrated spoiler. The interior is comfortable and luxurious, has beautiful leather seats and impressive equipment that includes touch sensitive switch-work and a DAB radio.

The Chevrolet Volt will get you noticed on the roads and has the WOW factor in abundance.

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  • 14th May 2012

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