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Image of Ford Focus 'Best Medium Car 2012'

‘Best Medium Car 2012’ – Ford Focus

With extremely positive reviews, the new Ford Focus has been named ‘Best Medium Car 2012’ and is expected to herald a new era of fuel efficient non-hybrid cars in the UK.

To further cement its position as manufacturer of top-class vehicles, Ford’s Mondeo, S-MAX and Fiesta were all runners-up in other categories.

The new Focus is a clear improvement on the previous model with its excellent engines, top build quality and funky interior which features centre console controls inspired by the button layout on a mobile phone.

The car’s contemporary design and amazing refinements have phenomenally contributed to the huge sales witnessed with this model, both on lease and purchase terms, with figures hitting a high of 1,500,000 units, illustrating the degree of Ford’s dominance in its segment.

Regarding style and colour, this magnificent car model beats the likes of Volkswagen Golf and Hyundai i30 according to Diesel Car magazine and comes with driver assistance technologies offering fuel efficient powertrains such as the popular 1.6 TDCi with its low level emission figure of 109g CO2 /km.

The respectably priced new Ford Focus is one of the best in its class and remains one of the top family hatchbacks to drive in nearly every condition possible.

This brilliant all-rounder is a highly recommendable choice.

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  • 17th May 2012

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