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It was more than just good news for the Lexus brand when an industry innovation award was presented to them thanks to its new air conditioning technology.

The technology makes use of minimal power to return high levels of comfort required of a luxury vehicle.

The GS 450h full hybrid saloon is one of the celebrated car models that boasts this S-flow system, which has won Lexus a coveted award introduced by Automotive Interiors Expo.

The above mentioned form of technology has been designed to ensure performance and above all efficiency with the primary objective of returning real value on all lease and purchases of the Lexus models.

As per now, this technology is witnessed in only one version of the GS 450h.

Why purchase or lease Lexus models?

Many reasons have been suggested as to why the purchase or lease of any of the Lexus models is ideal in the UK industry.

For instance, car drivers out to purchase the Lexus models will be treated to a list of striking features that set this brand on top of the rest in the industry.

With the system, sensors are used to discover if the front passenger seat has an occupant or not; should it happen that the seat is empty, the seat’s vents are automatically closed.

One other great innovation that accompanies this system’s functionality is the air purifying technology.

To start enjoying the generous features that come with the Lexus models, a lease or purchase would be a big step towards giving this brand a thumbs-up.

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  • 18th June 2012

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