Limited Edition 1949 Aston Martin Sells At Auction For £679,100

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A rare Aston Martin has sold for £679,100 at the Bonhams Festival of Speed.

A few weeks ago, OSV reported how the former race car was expected to fetch up to £1,000,000.

But perhaps owing to its dishevelled, sorry condition and need for restoration costs, final sale price was short.

Stolen Aston Martin

The 1949 DB Team model was stolen three decades ago and was only recently returned to relatives of the late Christopher Angell, who owned the car when thieves took it.

The exceptional car was found battered and bruised in the Netherlands after being left to waste away in a Hertfordshire back yard for over 30 years, where it attracted moss and developed rust.

Mr Angell’s relatives had to put it up for auction because they couldn’t afford the restoration costs.


James Knight, group motoring director of Bonhams Festival International Group, said:

“This ex-works Le Mans Aston Martin is the ultimate ‘barn find’. Despite its neglected condition, connoisseurs of truly historic racing cars regard it as a truly historic time machine.

“Its wonderfully original patina, reminiscent of the days when it raced at both Le Mans and in the Spa 24-Hours, explain this special appeal. We are delighted that after such a troubled past, the car has achieved such a wonderful price for the family.”

The car raced at Le Mans 24-Hour during its fifties heyday.

The thieves who stole it are still on the run after skipping bail in 2003.

Will Titterington
  • 27th June 2016

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