10 of the Most Memorable Cars From the Movies

10 of the Most Memorable Cars From the Movies


Car leasing company OSV have created an infographic detailing the 10 most memorable cars to have graced the silver screen in the last 50 years. From Steve McQueen’s Mustang GT390 in Bullitt to Vin Diesel’s Dodge Charger from The Fast and The Furious, these are mean machines that really stand out from the crowd.


Goldfinger was one of the biggest films of the year but Sean Connery wasn’t necessarily the biggest star in the movie. His 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage became an instant film classic, setting the standard for Bond cars right up to the present day.


This year had two famous cars to contend with and they couldn’t have been more different. First, there was the Mustang GT390 driven by Steve McQueen in crime thriller Bullitt with one of the most memorable chases in movie history.

Then there was the 1962 Volkswagen Beetle Herbie that showed up in the film The Love Bug. One of the most successful Disney films ever made, it starred Dean Jones and spawned several sequels.


The 1932 Ford Coupe that appeared in American Graffiti lead to a resurgence of street-rodding and a love of vehicles that were made prior to the end of World War II.


This was the year that Smokey and the Bandit burst onto our screens, one of the major movie successes of the decade. While the film’s star Burt Reynolds was a movie classic himself, the real plaudits went to his Pontiac Trans AM.


It seems such a long time ago that a young Mel Gibson first appeared as anti-hero Mad Max. His 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Interceptor was the perfect vehicle for some post-apocalyptic dystopian mayhem.


Marty McFly was the human star of the film, but when Back to the Future hit the screens it was the time travelling 1981 Delorean DMC-12 that really stood out. The car became a legendary part of the trilogy even if the original car was a financial disaster in real life.


No list of classic cars is complete without the Batmobile. When the Batman franchise was given a makeover in the late 80s, it was this supercharged vehicle that caught a lot of the attention and helped win the production design team an Oscar.


One of the biggest hits of the 90s and undoubtedly a classic was Thelma and Louise who decided to cause their own particular brand of anarchy while driving in a 1966 Ford Thunderbird. It played an important part in the film’s ending and created one of the most memorable scenes in cinema history.

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