2017 Subaru BRZ Video Review

Speaker 1: Well welcome to another OSV Motor Review. This week we’re looking at this, the updated 2017 Subaru BRZ.

Speaker 2: It’s a traditional sports car in the modern world and instantly wins over fans by sending its power to the rear wheels only. Now there isn’t a lot of power available. The two litre flat four boxer engine produces just 200 PS, far below many hot hatches of the current age. That engine though is quite a sweetie and usually, there are no turbochargers to be found so the powerplant is a free revving [inaudible 00:00:39] block and relishes the application of a racer’s right foot.

Speaker 1: Knot to 62 miles per hour arrives in 7.6 seconds onto a top speed, where possible, of 140 miles per hour. It’s awesome fun driving this BRZ. Those figures might not be the quickest but because you’re low to the ground and you’ve got an excellently accurate steering wheel and a six speed, rifle bolt-like action gear change going on. Everything is just so bang on. It just is so much fun to drive. Take corners as though this car was on rails. The brakes are good too, which always helps.

Speaker 2: Everything about the BRZ feels bright and super responsive. From the steering and the excellent manual gearbox, all the way through to the brakes and that eager throttle pedal.

Speaker 1: There’ve been some subtle changes going on inside the cabin. Subaru has ushered in a newer dash. The materials are far more classy and there is increased stitching which adds to the ambience of car. It lifts the whole cabin a lot more, that red stitching. This new multi-function steering wheel is a big improvement. Really helps you concentrate on the road without having to take your fingers or thumbs off the wheel. There’s also a new, fresh 4.2-inch trick display within the dials. It even features g-force and a lap timer. The entertainment system here is very fiddly to use. It’s not necessarily intuitive whatsoever.

Speaker 2: The cabin in the 2017 Subaru BRZ isn’t spectacular but it’s far from poor. It’s better in this newer version than it used to be in the older one. Black seating with red stitching is sporty in feel but the overall quality isn’t any more special than a standard Subaru or Toyota. The key here is the ergonomics of the interior though. Everything is set up for the driver and the seating position is excellent.

Speaker 1: Not only has Subaru tweaked the cabin of the 2017 BRZ, it made a few subtle changes to the exterior. Starting off with this re-profiled front bumper and grill and that gives the car a wider stance on the road. You got full LED headlamps as well. Very lovely, 10 spoke alloy wheels. Very slightly enhanced rear lights. But to finish the whole thing off, you have this chunky, lovely rear boot spoiler.

Speaker 2: There’s 243 litres of boot space…

Speaker 1: An old shopping bag in there, just to give you a bit of perspective. It’s even better, this car if you wanna drop receipts because everything suddenly expands. Essentially you’ve got then a two-seater sports car with loads of room to stick lots of long objects in that you want to take back from DIY stores. You can even take stuff to the tip in this lovely little two door sports car if you want to. There you have it, an everyday car but really for only two people.

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