6 of the Most Memorable Road Trips in the UK

6 of the Most Memorable Road Trips in the UK

Sometimes it just makes sense to fill up the car, pack a few bags and head out to the country. The good news is that, if you’re looking for a great road trip, the UK has some of the best scenery, gently winding roads and invigorating fresh air in the world.

Now the team at OSV have created a useful infographic highlighting 6 of the best road trips around the UK. They’re all certainly worth some time to explore, whether you have just a day to spare or a whole week.

Here’s a quick look at the best the UK has to offer:


  1. The Black Mountain Pass

The Black Mountain Pass, a favourite with people who test drive cars and the Top Gear team. Situated in the heart of the Brecon Beacons in South Wales, it’s 20 miles of intricate winding roads over high country and offers some stunning views. It’s also the kind of road trip you can cover in less than a day.


  1. The Yorkshire Dales

A classic location for a great road trip in the height of summer, it includes the Buttertub Pass and takes you through some archetypical Yorkshire villages from Swaledale to Wensleydale. At just 37 miles all told, you can cover the trip in one or two days depending on how quick or how slow you want to take things.


  1. The Road to the Isles

The northern reaches of Scotland are perfect for a road trip across beautiful countryside. The route runs from Fort William to Mallaig and has some of the best scenery you could ever hope to see, with long stretches of moorland and brilliant views of the mountains.


It’s also the perfect place to witness a sunset or two across the small islands in the north. If you’re a history fan there’s plenty to see and do and you should plan to take at least two or three days to make sure you don’t miss anything.


  1. The Atlantic Highway

It’s better known as the A39 and stretches from Cornwall up to Bristol. Covering a distance of 135 miles, you’ll be able to visit the Cornish towns of Padstow and Bude, catch some waves if you’re into surfing or just settle down and enjoy the summer weather. If you are a naturalist at heart, Bodmin Moor is a great place to explore. All in all, it’s another road trip you’ll need at least 3 or 4 days to take everything in.


  1. The Causeway Coastal Route

If you fancy some Irish hospitality, take the ferry to Londonderry or Belfast. Fans of Game of Thrones may spot a familiar location or two but there’s also plenty of historic interest and breathtaking landscape to admire. At 154 miles, you should be looking to spend at least 5 days exploring the area.


  1. The North Coast 500

Starting in Inverness in Scotland, the NC500 is one of the most popular routes with tourists from around the world. It will take a week of driving to discover every little gem this brilliant trail offers, particularly for the enthusiastic road tripper. Covering 516 miles, you’ll certainly see everything great that Scotland has to offer including the ruins of Ardvreck in Assynt.


You can find out more about each road trip here.



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