Audi A5 Video Review (2017)

Audi A5 Video Review

Hello and welcome to another OSV Motoring Review. Today we’re looking at the Audi A5.

This is the brand new Audi A5 coupe and this is essentially a 2 door version of the Audi A4 saloon. The all new Audi A5 coupe really doesn’t spring any surprises out on the road, but then again most Audis are like that. Predictability is what Audi does. With an engine lineup that features both petrol and diesel power, the new A5 drives identically to its A4 twin. Unusually for a coupe the best engine is the 3 liter V6 turbo diesel unit seen here. It’s an engine that feels far more powerful than its 218 ps suggests, largely thanks to the 400 newton meters of torque on offer. Sixty-two miles per hour is hit in just 6.2 seconds, and the A5’s top speed is 155 miles per hour.

Quattro all wheel drive is available on the all new A5 coupe, too, and it comes highly recommended, providing huge amounts of grip and the extra security of traction. Seriously, at the moment it’s winter, it’s greasy, but this car is just gripping so well as I go around this roundabout. You probably can’t tell with the camera but I’m really pushing it at the moment. I’m really pushing it. I’m being forced leaning this way towards the cameras as I go around, and the car’s just planted. It’s stuck like a koala bear to a eucalyptus tree or Super Glue to something. Anyway, you get the point. It sticks.

The new Audi A5 coupe has yet another beautiful Audi interior with top notch materials and a clean unfussy design contributing to a superb driving environment. It feels modern yet it’s also classic Audi in execution, and it’s difficult to fault. The biggest changes over the last decade since the last generation of Audi A5 appeared have been in the field of technology. Audi has moved with the times and has as an optional extra the virtual cockpit system. This replaces the dials behind the steering wheel with a configurable high definition screen. Clearly you won’t be considering a coupe if space is your number one priority, but the A5 isn’t as impractical as you might imagine. A couple of six footers will fit in the back easily enough although they’ll have to slouch to keep their heads from brushing against the ceiling. Audi has even managed to provide an impressive 465 liters of boot space which is good for a coupe.

Well, there you go, another OSV Motoring Review in the bag. This was the all new Audi A5 coupe.


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