BMW 5 Series Video Review 2017

BMW 5 Series Video Review 2017

Well welcome to another OSV car review. Today we’re driving the brand new BMW 5 Series Saloon, and this is the 530d xDrive M-Sport version. The new 5 Series hasn’t undergone any drastic styling changes, but it now looks smarter and tidier than the outgoing generation. It also looks more like it’s bigger brother, the 7 Series. It’s no bad thing that changes have been restrained, it just looks as if the 2017 BMW 5 Series has gone to a personal shopper and come out with a snazzy new outfit now.

Okay, so this particular model will do nought to 62 miles per hour in just 5.4 seconds. Top speed is 155 miles per hour. Price-wise you’re looking at just under £50,000 for this car, and it’s not bad when you consider this has got new features such as ambient lighting, a new M-Sport steering wheel with paddles, beautiful, slick, smooth automatic gearbox, a really large entertainment screen here, and so much tech it’s almost impossible to describe right now.

BMW has an established range of engines encompassing petrol, diesel, and hybrid power. And though there are some minor tweaks, the most popular lump will almost certainly remain is the 520d. This 190 PS 4-cylinder turbo diesel unit can get the 5 Series to 60 miles per hour in 7.5 seconds, but it also returns strong efficiency figures of up to 68.9 to the gallon.

So this M-Sport version that we’re in at the moment comes with stiffer suspension. So it means that when you go around corners, there’s hardly any body lean whatsoever. There is, of course, the fact that you feel the potholes and the changing road surfaces that little bit more. So if you don’t like that kinda thing, BMW will let you have the standard suspension fitted to this car without any cost to you whatsoever.

Got all sorts of, all sorts of buttons here so you can put it into Eco Pro mode, you can put it into comfort mode, you got that nice balance setting, you can put it into sport mode if you wanna really go for it. Look at this, can you see the dials here in the drive [inaudible 00:02:22]? Put it to sport mode, it all goes to red, looks really angry and aggressive. But there’s a very, very clever tech on this car, and that’s because the adaptive switch here, and you can press this, you see this. And what that does, you press this adaptive button, the car is very intelligent and it will learn your own driving style. So if you’re very aggressive one day, it’ll just keep on kind of acting all athletic and what have you, but if you are feeling in a chilled out, mellow mood, the car will react to your driving inputs, and actually, driving just becomes far more effortless than ever before.

Right, well we’ve driven this brand new BMW 5 Series, so let’s have a little look at the exterior. You can see it’s got a sporty line to it. BMW call this the Hofmeister kink, and that draws your eye to this, the coupe-like roof line. So even though this is a four-door Saloon, in many ways it’s coming across as a sports car, too. Great 19-inch rims on there. Red M-Sport logo, blue and red, and here you’ve got the blue bright [SP] counter, active kidney grille. So you have a bit of technology going on here where the vents open and close, and that effectively makes the car more efficient.

Now I’m six foot tall, I’ve had a six-foot tall passenger sitting in this front seat, and I’ve just been driving. I’m six foot tall, remember that. Look at that, now I’ve just about got enough knee room. I’m not overly convinced I’m gonna be that comfortable for a long time, but it’s got a coupe-like roof, remember? And I’ve still got enough head space. Also, quite a broad guy, and I can fit. I’ve got enough shoulder and elbow room, too. So if the guy in front of me moved his seat forward just a little bit, I could cope. But actually, I’ve gotta say, leg room isn’t that impressive.

This has got 10 more litres of low space that the outgoing 5 Series. You really gotta check out this behind me. Look, I’ve got a holdall in there. It’s easily gonna fit, I don’t know, got one there, got another one there, another one there, and another one there, another one. So you probably get about, I reckon, 4 to 6 holdalls in that boot, quite easily. So this is a car that not only has all of the wondrous luxuries associated with BMW and the performance, it’s also got quite a lot of space in the boot, too. So it is pretty handy if you’re on the move and you need to use this perhaps in the week to commute, to stick your suitcase, your luggage in, whatever. It’s also a great family car for the weekends.

There you go, another OSV motoring review. This week we’ve been looking at the brand new BMW 5 Series Saloon.

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