BMW 740Ld Video Review (2016)

BMW 7 Series Video Review

BMW’s backbone has always been its saloons. The Compact 3-Series is a huge seller as is the middle management Hero 5-Series. But the 7-Series is another level all together and represents the pinnacle of BMW. 0 to 62 miles per hour is achieved in just 5.2 seconds. I mean, that’s absolutely phenomenal given the size and weight of this vehicle.

What’s incredible also is the way the brakes just stop this car in an instant. I mean, the whole thing just feels amazingly agile for such a large car. So basically you can get people in the back of this thing to chill out while you drive them along. Or if you wanna buy this car for yourself and your family, well, it’s just big enough of course for a family of four or five as well. I mean, the boot’s huge, you could virtually live in the thing.

This new BMW 740Ld xDrive we’re testing packs a powerful diesel engine under the bonnets and combines this with the xDrive four-wheel-drive system for winter weather security. But beyond performance figures, what’s really impressive about this 7-series is how quiet and smooth it is. It’s agile, it’s composed in corners, it’s incredibly quiet inside, and all you hear is that really sort of very slow whisper of wind at fairly high speeds. The best engines it makes are the six-cylinder diesels, and this one is a gem. Mated to an eight-speed automatic, this BMW 7-series which is almost seamlessly remaining quiet but poised to deliver at all speeds.

Right, well, I’ve sat in the front for long enough. I’m gonna sit in the back and stretch out, because this is a car you can certainly stretch out in. You can lay your head back against these sumptuous pillows. Just go to sleep. In fact, you don’t really to have this car moving at all. It literally could just be an office, just park it up anywhere.

In a car like this, the overall quality and feel of the cabin is arguably just as important as the engineering. Inside you’ll find vast soft leather seating, a specially designed sound system just for the 7-series, and luxuries such as ambient lighting. This is a BMW cabin turned up to the max and it’s a brilliant environment to be in. Because this is basically a limousine, you’ve also got luxuries such as good old-fashioned television. So you can’t really watch it while you’re driving because that will be dangerous, but passengers can watch it, and you as the driver can watch it when you’re stationary.

I just happened to have a large suitcase, one that you might use if you were going on your foreign travels. Look at the size of that gigantic boot. And you can see how you put it that way or even that way and you’re gonna fit at least two huge suitcases in there. You know what, you can see that this really is a limousine. This car is absolutely just a sofa on wheels. It’s gorgeous but also hugely practical and you don’t even need to close the boot yourself. Just do that, you see?

The BMW 740Ld xDrive long-wheel base option as tested here is perfect for carrying important people in the rear. And the amount of comfort on offer is staggering. This is a car that spoils you, and sometimes we all need to be spoiled.[vc_btn title=”Read the Massive Review of the BMW 740Ld Here” color=”purple” align=”center” link=”|||”]

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