Car Bosses Who Have Hit The Road In Ways They Never Planned

Car Bosses Who Have Hit The Road In Ways They Never Planned

So, you think having your name ingrained in your business is enough to keep your job safe for the future? Think again! A quick browse through the history of the car industry reveals that there’s no such thing as an insurance policy!

From poor old David Buick, who found out the hard way, when he was given the boot from one of America’s earliest motor makers for spending too much money, to 2013’s mysterious ousting of Charles Morgan from his granddaddy’s company of the same name, there are P45s strewn throughout the annals of motoring.

From some, there came a cry of ‘et tu, Brute?’ as family members pushed founders from the top, as with Henry Ford, who’s grandson gave the final shove. But for many more, it was all about the money, money, money.

Mr Toyoda (of Toyota, if you hadn’t guessed!) was finished by a sales slump in 1950 – imagine how he’d feel about the 10.4million cars his company now sells annually. 46 years earlier, August Horch, who’s chosen business name of Horch Automobile Works was translated into the Latin ‘Audi’, also lost his job when the company lost sales. Perhaps more deservedly, in 1934, Andre Citroen, the man behind double-helical gears and arguably the face of French automobility, was given the push for gambling… with company assets. But he wasn’t the only one to be undone by shame.

Louis Renault died in gaol in 1945, accused of Nazi collaboration. Understandably, he lost his job shortly before that.

Time after time, car creators have hit the road in ways they’d certainly never planned for. After all, what’s in a name?

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