Hyundai Tucson Video Review (2016)

Hyundai Tuscon Video Review

The new Hyundai Tucson is one of the latest small SUVs to hit the UK car market. We’ve got the top specced premium SE model, complete with the two-liter turbo diesel unit, producing 185 PS.

I’ve got my kids in the back, no great surprise there, because let’s face it, this car is designed for having families. So having a toddler squealing in the background as I’m speaking is probably a fairly normal scenario. Most parents watching this will feel it’s all right.

Acceleration is understandably impressive with this power under the bonnet, and the new Tucson will reach 62 miles per hour in 9.5 seconds.

The two-liter diesel Hyundai Tucson comes with two transmission options, a six-speed manual and the one we’re testing, a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. While it uses dual-clutch technology, it isn’t the most responsive of units and can be a little frustrating. That said, an automatic does suit the feel of the Hyundai Tucson more than the manual.

Ride comfort’s a really important factor in this particular segment of the market. Small SUV buyers are likely to be families, and they don’t want to be jarred around and be doing naught to 62 sort of off those green lights as quickly as possible. They’re more interested in just being in a safe car, which this is, and a very comfortable one, so this is great for country lanes or motorways.

Opening the doors will take you into an interior space that doesn’t quite match up to the premium looking exterior design. The leather seating is plush, but other cabin materials are lacking in quality and the overall design seems slightly dated, but this is still a Hyundai, so anyone expecting exquisite Audi-esque interior build quality is simply looking in the wrong place. So, while the interior quality might not be like an Audi’s, the Hyundai Tucson feels really solid. The Hyundai has an impressive loading capacity, enough for a big pram or a couple of buggies and the weekly shop.

This Hyundai Tucson will sit five up, no problem. In fact, I got three of my kids across the rear seats without any issue whatsoever. And the boot is big enough for a buggy and all the stuff that comes with having kids.

This is a highly complicated and competitive segment the Hyundai Tucson is doing just enough to stay relevant in. It’s right in the middle of the SUV pack, failing to provide any overly convincing arguments to lease or buy, but it’s also doing just enough to avoid being a poor choice. Whatever the case, this is a family car that you and your children will be comfortable and safe in.[vc_btn title=”Click here to read the full review” color=”purple” align=”center” link=”|||”]

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