Peugeot 3008 Video Review 2017

Peugeot 3008 Video Review 2017

Hello, and welcome to another OSV car review. This week we’re looking at this, the all new Peugeot 3008 SUV.

Sometimes it can be tricky to separate SUVs out on the road because most of them, let’s face it, drive the same. Many are set up for comfort and that’s what the all new 3008 is tuned for. This particular model I’m in is the flagship GT version. It’s got a two-liter diesel engine assisted by a turbo. It’s got 180 horses under the bonnet, meaning it’s pretty fast. I’ll tell you exactly how fast it is. Knot at 62 arrives in 8.9 seconds, which doesn’t sound racing car fast, but that is quick for a sport utility vehicle. Top speed on this is 131 miles per hour. This particular trim level of the all new 3008 SUV we’re in is capable of 58.9 to the gallon on average. CO2 emissions on this car, 124 grams per kilometre, not bad considering this is a two-liter turbo diesel unit with 180horsepower. 

It’s a bit of a marmite set up. Some people don’t like having a tiny wheel and then looking over at the dash, but I really like it. Everything is really clear up here and you’ve got a big screen here, connectivity and what have you. It’s really easy to operate, it’s right in your face.

The criticism about the 3008 in whichever trim is that the rear window is a bit like a letterbox. It’s quite narrow, doesn’t really rain on the car’s parade too much, though. It’s got good visibility everywhere else. Nice deep windscreen, lots of light coming in the sides. You’ve got a sunroof on this particular trim level, which lets lots of light in so there’s an airy feel about the cabin anyway. You’ve got parking sensors to help you park so, yeah. You know, I guess in some ways Peugeot has put design over practicality when it comes over to the rear windscreen but only on that particular element of the car.

There are wonderful design touches all over the new 3008 that make it really stand out. But if the exterior impresses you, the interior might just blow you away. The overall quality leaves you seriously questioning if this really is a Peugeot. It’s a rather shocking experience, a Peugeot interior might never have been this good. French designers may have always had flair, but they traditionally have trouble putting it to use. However, they’ve absolutely nailed the design of the all new 3008 SUV, that’s for sure. 

Look at these lovely, quilted leather seats. You get this on top trim Peugeot 3008 models. See that, you’ve got a nice centre armrest. And you can put a cup in there. But look at this little ski hatch. Can you see this? Open that up and low and behold, you can check the boost out. And reach for things like, well you know, if I wanted to get my bag I could, I wanted to put some skis in here or some long objects from some DIY shop. You know, it helps a lot.

Look at my leg room here. Lots of it. I’ll be driving, I’m six foot tall. I’m six foot tall, obviously still sitting in the rear. Well, I’ll be sitting in the front as well driving. You’ve got a good impression of how much space there is with the knees not even touching the back of the seat there. Look at the headroom too. Look at my headroom. Loads and loads of room.

Let’s check out the boot, open it up. There we have a rather nice and large boot area. So I put all my disposable and reusable…very green I am you know…shopping bags. This is kind of like an example. Look, a shopping bag in there. How many do you reckon you can get in there? One, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Twelve of these in there. That’ll give you some idea of how big it is. You got a Charles buggy, easily fits in there. And this is a really low, low lift here, so no worries about strained backs or anything like that. Take this out, look at this. Come over here, check it out. Lift that up and you’ve got a big old wheel in case you get a puncture. Always very handy. And this is quite handy as well. You can take this in and out if you want and you can adjust the level of it. Although to be quite frank, I wouldn’t bother.

Well, there you have it, another car review from OSV. This week this was the brand new Peugeot 3008 SUV.

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