A Video Review Of The All-New Honda Civic 2017

A Video Review Of The All-New Honda Civic 2017

The All-New Civic marks the debut of two all-new Honda petrol engines, a one liter three-cylinder V-tech turbo under 1.5 liter four-cylinder unit. These engines are new to the UK markets and Honda is proud of them. Certainly, the figures suggest they should be. The one liter produces 129 PS and is said to be capable of 55 miles to the gallon while the 1.5 liter with its extra cylinder is capable of an impressive 182 PS and 46 miles to the gallon of fuel economy.

Here we are in Barcelona for another OSV car review. It’s a little dark because it’s very early in the morning and we’re setting off in this brand new Honda Civic. It’s the tenth generation Honda Civic would you believe? This car has been around for over 40 years. This particular car we’re in is the Honda Civic Petrol Turbo or you could argue that they actually call it the V-Tech Turbo but whatever. This car is driven by a Petrol Turbo engine. Did you know I already been in the car 10 minutes and already my impression is that this is quite a sporty feel. There’s a sporty feel to this car definitely. The noted 62 time though is 8.3 seconds which isn’t blisteringly fast but it is quick. More importantly, for many people living in the UK this car looks quick. Let’s face it with a 70 miles per hour top speed limit. Are we really that bothered about getting off the traffic lights that quickly?

Certainly, the tenth generation Civic is a big improvement on the outgoing model and the new 1.5 liter version you’re watching here is an excellent unit with eager delivery although it’s not quite as powerful as it’s sporty body suggests. The design of the all-new Civic has changed rather considerably. The outgoing model is rounder and more bulbous in appearance but this tenth generation looks more likely a compact saloon. This effect is probably given by the return of the red door handles to the doors themselves instead of being hidden in the window and pillar area. It looks much wider and sleeker at the front and the rear is a very distinctive angular flat shape. There’s also that undeniable sporty edge to it.

I don’t know if you can see here. It’s a very, very nice little aluminum style rally sporty pedals there. It’s a comfortable car. It’s very supportive. You got the height adjustment here for the seat. You got the electric lumbar support here and you can move the backrest up and down with this lever. You can see this car hasn’t got the…the largest heads room in the world because it sort of got this toupee-like shape to it. I could actually put the seat a bit lower. There you go. That’s slightly better. Nice stop little gear lever here with an arm rest here. Everything is on the steering wheel. Try lifting on the steering wheel there. Have a look. Just in case you didn’t know what you’re in. With a door silver plate there saying “Civic,” nice to the touch. Let’s pop in. Now bear in mind I’ve been sitting in that driver seat. I’m 6 foot tall. There you go. Look at that. I can still get behind the driver seat. Got knee room. I’ve got foot room. Again, yes, not a lot of head space but I can cope with it. It’s a very dark interior. I would say that about it. So there is the potential to get claustrophobic but this sunroof helps. Get the sunroof open and it’s not too bad.

While I’m still fascinated by the boost of this Honda Civic and it’s a bit boring to talk about the boost all the time but look at this, a little tunnel cover here. It’s a bit unusual because most possible shelves kind have opened up that way and they have little strings don’t they? You have to unclip and then take the thing off. But this is really a genius. You only have to do this. Look, and it goes this way and retracts. Now, isn’t that clever? Great access, and it means you can hit this button here. The split folding seats go down. Look at that. Oh, it’s great.

So a sporty car but only in looks, remember. Performance isn’t really unsporty. And crops color in two.

The all new Honda Civic is a mightily good effort from the Japanese firm and brings it right into connection with rivals such as the VW Gold from Ford Focus. Now, we just have to wait for the diesel and for the super hot Turbo versions to make their appearances then things will really heat up.

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