How losing cylinders is helping us gain in fuel economy

If you’re looking at cutting your CO2 levels and your tax on your next company car then Audi’s cylinder deactivation technology is going to help you.

“Cylinder deactivation technology or variable displacement as it is also known is not new; forms of it have been in use since the late 19th century and is almost as old as the car itself. However in recent years it has been gaining our attention again as a valuable way to reduce CO2 emissions and boost the fuel economy of cars. Easy loss. In recent times, Audi has been prominent in the use of such technology, which deactivates some engine cylinders when the vehicle is experiencing light load duties, such as cruising at a steady speed.

On both the A1 and A3 model ranges, the COD versions carry a premium of just £850 over their continuing 122PS 1.4 TFSI versions – a lot less of a premium than opting for a hybrid drivetrain and yet delivering up to 6.8mpg more than the 122PS models.

That might not sound like much, but in the world of company cars that can significantly cut your tax bill. Comparing the COD models to 2.0 TDi equivalents, business users will find much lower purchase prices for virtually identical CO2 outputs. For a 40 per cent taxpayer, A1 COD model would offer a benefit-in-kind saving of up to £919 per annum, compared to the 2.0 diesel.”

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