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Mazda’s newly released Mazda CX-5, a compact crossover SUV, is a perfect blend of trendy technology and voguish design, a favorite for the corporate sector and perfect to lease.

These Mazda CX-5 models appeal to the corporate sector courtesy of the brilliant features that highly emphasize on safety.

A car operator who goes for a lease of this car model has a rare opportunity of relishing smart salient features among them; excellent and reliable City Brake Support system, top passive safety structures and a stylish design.

The CX-5 boasts as the first Mazda and as the best known compact SUV that brings on board new and advanced safety facilities such as the Smart City Brake Support system that is safety intended.

Commonly known as the SCBS, this brake system has a lot that car operators can savor from the lease or purchase of this car model.

The above mentioned technology aids the driver or rather the car operator in minimizing or completely averting the impact of a head-on collision especially when riding at low speeds –say, 20mph.

This technology, which is a trademark of all the Mazda CX-5 models, employs a laser sensor that in most cases is set on the windscreen.

The sensor comes in handy when detecting a vehicle or even an obstacle in the face of your Mazda CX-5 when doing speeds less than 20mph.

Failure of the car operator to slow the car is followed by the automatic intervention of the SCBS which works to pull down the power of your engine and eventually causes a slow down.

Do you care about power and performance at the same time? Then the Mazda CX-5 is just the perfect model to lease on the market.

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