Mazda3 – New Diesel Sport Car – Available To Lease

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The New Mazda3 – Available To Lease – Ask About Our Lease Prices


An upgraded Mazda 3 has been launched in the UK to allow potential individuals to add to their lease list an irresistible model with a totally unique design.

Its launch marks the long-awaited debut of a 1.6-litre diesel Sport model that is an exemplar in the auto industry.

This upgraded Mazda3 has a lot of brilliant features to ogle at as well as its low level CO2 emissions.

The new Mazda3 has the emission level cut by 3.5 percent a feature that endears it so much to the environment.

The cut means less emissions of the harmful gas, CO2 to the environment, a bold step towards conservation and purification of the environment.

A lease of this car is also understood as a good effort towards fuel economy and a consequential drop in fuel bills.

The upgraded Mazda3 features 18 models that enable a choice between any of the 3 petrol engines or a choice of two diesel engines both capable of giving three power outputs.

If you consider going for this upgraded Mazda3 lease, there is just so much more to glean and for very little money.

As a matter of fact, the 1.6-litre diesel model goes for only £19,095 and the Sport Nav goes for only £19,945, a deal you cannot let go.

To lease any of the models, you will be availed with 6 trim levels; TS2 Nav, Sport Nav, TS, TS2, S and Sport.  With prices starting from only £14,995.

In a nut shell, we can conclusively say that the new upgraded Mazda3 is very well priced and a warranted lease for all.

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