McLaren MP4-12C with new refinements

Image is a White McLaren MP4-12C Available To Lease

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McLaren Automotive has announced a package of enhancements to its popular 12C high-performance sports car that will see the car gain more practicality on the track.

Leading the refinements is a 25PS power step up. This means more power, superior acceleration and greater efficiency.

McLaren’s engineers successfully modified the 12C’s engine and the SSG transmission, enhancing the car’s responsiveness.

Customers ready to purchase or lease this sports car will be treated to a host of detailed improvements and a wider scale of choice in terms of wheels, paint and leather items.

Drivers of this sports car will also enjoy a programmable ISG to regulate engine intake sound that has been an irritant in the previous versions.

Despite the immense changes witnessed on this model, the car’s body styling did not see many key improvements.

What qualities will you be looking for in your car purchase? Are you looking for quality, efficiency, power and technology?

The enhanced 12C is already available for purchase in the UK at a starting price of just £176,000.

For every purchase of this sports car, one is entitled to an upgrade package that comes with an extra 25PS free of charge.

In addition to the refinements and improvements mentioned already, every 12C buyer will enjoy an upgrade package that will see to it that a number of specification upgrades are guaranteed.

For instance, the package entails a new Meridian audio equaliser, revised calibration on the SSG transmission, improved rain sensors among many other salient features.

Do not hesitate, own this 12C and reign supreme on the track.

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