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The New Mercedes – Ask About Our Great Lease Prices

Individuals wishing to purchase or lease any of the recently revealed Mercedes-Benz models have a lot to revel in the new engine design.

New standards, a darling with the environment and an augury of dynamism – a package you can’t let go.

Mercedes-Benz models with the newly designed engine belong to a class on a par with the best.

They are exceptionally designed to square with environmental standards, to realise economic efficiency and to achieve excellent performance.

A lot of finance has been committed to see to it that the new Mercedes-Benz engine accommodates the Euro VI emissions standards.

The new engine is irrefutably eco-friendly courtesy of its low emission levels of harmful gases to the environment.

It is because of these low emission levels and economic friendly prices that endear these new Mercedes-Benz models to esteemed buyers when looking to lease a new vehicle.

With an all-new OM 93x engine, buyers of these Mercedes-Benz models enjoy response immediacy, together with amazing power delivery.

The power behind the success of this engine has been attributed to sophisticated engine technology with the interest of Mercedes-Benz buyers at heart.

Mercedes-Benz has been globally recognised as one of the leading car models in terms of environmental compatibility, a reason sufficient enough to lease this car.

Clean emissions
With the highly efficient combustion system witnessed with the new OM 93x-series engine of the Mercedes-Benz, the idea of clean exhaust gases can be converted to a reality.

The engine can raise a pressure exceeding 200 bar and a matching injection pressure of not less than 2400 bar.

The car is recommended for purchase or lease anywhere in the UK.

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