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Call it a masterstroke if you want, but when Mercedes-Benz decided to lose the CL badge and replace it with the S-class, the Mercedes S-Class coupe suddenly seemed a lot more prestigious and eye catching. In 2016, it comes with slick and more macho styling, and it also benefits from the high-tech that S-Class buyers are already used to. But is the coupe a worthy addition to the S-Class squad, or is it just a pretender? Let’s take a closer look to find out.


Mercedes S-Class Coupe Test Drive


The entry level model in this range is a S500 585bhp variant. Strangely, this particular S500 doesn’t benefit from a 5.0-litre engine like previous S500 Mercedes’ have; instead, it’s paired up with a charged V8 4.6-litre unit that has 455bhp and can develop 700Nm of torque. Hardly disappointing stuff! Alternatively, you could snap up a V8 BiTurbo 5.5-litre unit if you opt for S63 AMG model. Packing 585bhp, it can get you from rest to 62mph in an eye-watering 3.9 seconds.

At the top of the range, meanwhile, is a V12 630bhp unit that is paired up with the AMG 65 model.

The wheelbase has been shortened for this particular coupe, and it’s led to sharper handling and an overall more fun experience behind the wheel. In fact, it’s more fun to drive than the S-Class saloon, which is something that shouldn’t be glossed over. After all, the saloon is easily offers some of the best handling in the world.

Perhaps somewhat disappointing, though, is this car’s sheer weight. It’s heavy, make no mistake. When you push it hard, you can’t help but resign yourself to the fact that this really is no sports car. But while it isn’t all that balletic, it is at least quick, relaxed, and is the perfect companion if you just want to cruise along on a lazy Sunday.


The Interior, Design And Build Of The Mercedes S-Class Coupe


Mercedes coupe’s have been hit and miss in the past in terms of how they looked; we’ve seen some crackers, but we’ve also seen some bulldog’s chewing a wasp. It’s typically agreed that the 500 SEC has always been the best looker, but it’s just been overtaken. The new S-class coupe has a real strut to it, and few people would kick this one out of bed. If you removed the rear doors, it wouldn’t even look like an S-Class. Extroverted, confident and sassy, it’s got real presence that ensures it stands out from the likes of the bMW 6 Series and the Bentley Continental GT.

Although it might not look like your typical S-Class, this coupe does at least get the S-Class treatment indoors. It gets the works. As such, you can expect a comfortable cabin that is aided by air suspension that helps to smooth out all the nasty cracks in our nasty roads. You also get contoured leather seats that make you wonder why you ever dreaded those lengthy motorway trips. In terms of tech, Active Curl Tilting is new. It uses cameras and sensors to scan the road surface ahead of you, and adjust the suspension accordingly.

Space is good, both for the driver and their passengers. You can get two in the back, although entry is a tad awkward. Sure, this isn’t as roomy as the S-class saloon, but legroom and headroom is definitely none too shabby. The boot, meanwhile, offers a decent amount of space – 400-litres, which is actually more than you’ll get from a your average hatch.


Mercedes S-Class Coupe Price And Running Costs


Prices for the new Mercedes coupe start out from around £96,000 and rise to £183,000. Standard equipment offered across the range is very good, with all variants getting electrically adjustable seats, LED headlights, sat nav and Bluetooth phone connectivity. All models get a lush interior, too, though the car really comes into its own if you opt for the S65 variant, which spoils you with vented and heated massage seats, a 24-speaker stereo, night vision camera and adaptive cruise control.

It’s hard to think running costs will matter too much to any punter who is okay with spending over £100,000 on a coupe, but nobody wants their excesses to become too excessive, right? Efficiency has been improved somewhat, with the weight loss helping. Whichever model you go for, you’re looking at returns of around 32mpg while your emissions will be in the 200g/km of CO2 ballpark.


Our Favourite: Mercedes S63 AMG Line Coupe

The coupe marker is jam-packed with big name players, and this offering from Mercedes is decidedly niche. There are rivals all the sector, from Audi and BMW to Bentley and Aston Martin. It’s probably too early to say how successful the Mercedes S-Class coupe is going to be, but it certainly looks the business, while ride enjoyment is right up there. One to watch.

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