Mercedes C Class Executive test drive and review

The limited edition Mercedes C Class Executive offers fantastic value, it is based on the SE model with enhancements like the Sports Grill, Command Satellite Navigation system, Alloys and much more; this car has to be on everyone’s shortlist.

Mercedes believe the C Class Executive model with it’s sleeker looks will encourage the younger buyer while giving a hint of the BMW 3 Series.
The Audi is the better all rounder according to reports although everyone’s opinions differ so when in the market the new C Class has to be worth a test drive at the very least.

The Mercedes C180 CGI BlueEfficiency Saloon will give you a respectable 42 combined miles per gallon 153bhp, a top speed of 140mph and 0-60 in only 8.7 seconds.

Euro N CAP gave the Mercedes C Class a 5 star rating so not only can you drive in comfort you also have peace of mind that you are driving in a well built vehicle,what else could you want?

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Andrew Kirkley
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  • 31st January 2011

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