Mercedes – CLS Shooting Brake

I’m not one to argue with the marketing ideas of car manufactures. But the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake does sound rather silly. What’s in a name? Well for those interested it’s a pre-Victorian term ‘brake’ being a chassis to break in horses and ‘shooting’ was reference to vehicles carrying shooting parties.

Mercedes-Benz - CLS Shooting Brake 2012

Mercedes – CLS Shooting Brake, Cross between Coupe/Estate

The CLS Shooting Brake, is a cross between a sporty coupe and an estate. As with any new product there are sceptics. However, the team and myself like the new design.

We feel the nearest competitor is the BMW Grand Turismo and a side-by-side comparison will show some similarities.



The CLS Shooting Brake is equipped with 5 seats. The 2.14 litre diesel kicks out 204bhp and will deliver a whisper over 53mpg.

1550 litres cargo area, Cargo, Boot, Storage

1550 litres of space!

There is 1550 litres of storage space, or to you and me that’s equivalent to 78 bags of shopping! Enough room for you and the neighbours in your street.

Mechanically there are similar features to the standard versions. Such as air suspension and extensive use of aluminium bodywork to bring the weight down.

There is no news on price or delivery. However, we suspect September 2012.

If you’re looking to purchase or lease a new Mercedes contact our sales team. Alternatively, visit our website where you will find new and used Mercedes’s available for sale or on finance.

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  • 3rd July 2012

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