Mercedes Plot A Rival For Tesla Model X

SLS AMG Mercedes Electric Drive

German automotive giant Mercedes-Benz are planning to reveal their very own EV SUV concept car when the Paris Motor Show kicks off later this year.

The unveiling will signal the brand’s intention to produce a whole fleet of EV’s.

The concept SUV has already been described as Mercedes’ “first steps into a broad electric vehicle strategy.”

The vehicle is still under development, with construction taking place near Stuttgart. By the time it’s revealed in Paris this September, it should be a production-ready car which will provide onlookers with a strong idea of how a Mercedes EV SUV will look.

Mercedes-Benz Future Electric Plans

Mercedes have given no clue as to when the SUV will go on sale, but 2019 has been mooted for journalists.

It will be followed by more electric cars, which will include an all-electric saloon that will be a direct rival to the Tesla Model S.

Each car will be entirely new models; exclusively electric, they will be much different to the EV B-Class.

Mercedes say they want to deliver at least 4 new EV’s by the end of this decade, and have given hints that they want to venture into Formula E following the announcement from Jaguar that they have plans to enter the sport.

Mercedes is currently one of the big players in the F1 scene, and a fully EV power train for Formula 1 would compliment its dominance.

Will Titterington
  • 9th June 2016

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