Mexico fines Volkswagen for lacking proper certificates


Just days after Donald Trump ordered Mexico to finance the wall that would separate the U.S. and Mexico, the South American’s Profepa environmental protection agency fined German automotive giant Volkswagen $9 million for putting 2016 Volkswagen cars up for sale that didn’t have the required environmental compliance certificates.

Now you’re just kicking when they’re down, Mexico.

Although $9 million won’t be enough to pay for a wall that Trump insists has “just got ten feet higher,” Mexico is clearly annoyed with Volkswagen who imported over 45,000 vehicles without the proper certificates.

In a routine December 2015 inspection, it was discovered that thousands of Porsche’s, Seats, Volkswagen’s and Audi’s didn’t have the certificate that demonstrated that Volkswagen were complying with the maximum level of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon allowed to be released from 2016 vehicles’ exhaust pipes. They also didn’t have the certificate that establishes the max level of noise emitted from a new vehicle.

Further Scandals For Volkswagen

 It seems that Volkswagen just can’t stay away from scandals at the moment, and the lack of proper environmental compliance certificates is not the only debacle they are embroiled in. Volkswagen also acknowledged that they had installed a defeat device on at least 500,000 of their vehicles sold in Mexico since 2008, a device the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says is used to dupe regulators.

The device is used to detect when emissions testing is taking place and automatically switches on emissions when the car is being tested in a laboratory. 11 million of VW’s vehicles have been equipped with the device around the world.

Mexico have since started the process of investigating the German automotive giant’s emissions certificates to verify that they comply with national standards.

Good luck with that.

Will Titterington
  • 16th February 2016

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