Does MG Still Hold The Road? Read Our 2015 MG 6 Review And Find Out

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April 7th, 2005 was a sombre day for MG aficionados. After being passed around between several manufactures including BMW and Rover, no one seemed to want the destitute MG, and the vehicle production officially ceased. It wasn’t until 2011 that the manufacturer returned to the market with a new model, under ownership of SAIC. MG is once again fighting for the hearts and wallets of UK buyers with the release of the 2015 MG 6.

Autocar’s Matt Burt gives this verdict in his MG 6 review “For a model born out of significant corporate strife, it’s admirable that the MG 6 comes so close to offering a competitive package, and even more impressive that, in terms of ride and handling, it is comparable with the best in its class.”

The 2015 MG 6 can be fitted with one of two engine options; the 158bhp 1.8-litre petrol which is good for 0-60mph in 8.4s and a top speed of 120mph, and a 1.9-litre DTi-Tech 148bhp diesel with 350Nm of torque that gets to sixty in 8.9s on the way to 120mph. Back in the glory days, MG was known for sportiness, and the 6 communicates this through its active ride/handling. One item in particular that does not convey performance is the manual gearchange which requires acres to complete a throw.

2015 MG 6

Visually, the 2015 MG 6 does little to stand out from the competition. The manufacture’s badge is the only trait that informs you this car is not an AudiKiaFord. Inside, the interior is neat and well laid out, but exceedingly chintzy. The driving position would be comfortable if it weren’t for the extremely offensive off-centre steering wheel. On the bright side, there is ample space for whatever you want to haul, with a boot that measures a massive 498 litres. Generous leg room and use of soothing trim colours make the experience a little less gruesome.

So, just who would be in the market for such a machine? It’s hard to say, but if an audience can be found, they will be paying somewhere in the £15,500 to £20,000 bracket for petrol models and between £17,000 and £21,000 for the 2015 MG 6 DTi-Tech diesels. There’s a choice of two bodystyles, a five-door version, badged the ‘GT’, and a slightly more expensive saloon model, the Magnette.

The el-cheapo model gets a decent assortment of standard equipment including six airbags, 17-inch wheels, electronic air conditioning and a stereo with AUX-IN connection. If you upgrade to the SE you get satellite navigation, rear parking sensors, cruise control, tyre pressure monitoring and a Bluetooth connectivity. The fancy TSE affords you 18-inch wheels, a rear view camera, leather sports seats, dual-zone climate control and a colour satellite navigation system.

Chinese owner SAIC doesn’t plan on selling oodles of 2015 MG 6s. Instead, the car is a test of how well the MG brand will fair in the UK. With ho-hum fuel economy numbers and resale values, SAIC can rest assure they won’t sell more 6’s than planned. The 1.8-litre petrol is rated at 37.7mpg with CO2 now 174g/km on the combined cycle, and the 1.9 DTi-Tech diesel manages 53.5mpg and 139g/km of CO2.

The MG brand conjures up images of two-seater sports cars tearing up twisty back roads. It’s unfortunate that the latest incarnation of the famous marque has no stand out qualities. It just scrapes by as marginal in almost every category. It leaves you wondering if returning MG to the market will breathe new life into the brand, or tarnish the memories of a company which, was once worth talking about.

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