MG unveils new concept SUV

Image of MG Concept Car

MG’s Icon Is Born!

MG’s Icon is born as MG  unveils its brilliant new concept car; a compact 4m long SUV – meets coupe.

Designed to escape the ordinary, the MG Icon feels fresh and modern and is a cross between a Mini and an Alfa Romeo 4C Concept with some styling cues taken from the MGA and MGB GT cars of decades past.

Continuing to broaden the appeal of this iconic vehicle, the new model boasts a modern appearance with a superior design and rich styling that match the cars power and performance on the road.

The Icon comes with the traditional MG look at its front end and features suicide doors.

A suicide door is a car door hinged on the trailing edge, the edge closer to the rear of the vehicle. Such doors are rarely used on vehicles in modern times.

With prominent features and a sleek design, this superb performing, fuel efficient MG,  is expected to thrill enthusiasts with features such as quilted red leather seats, exposed tail gate hinges and the MG style grille.

The MG Icon demonstrates a progressive and soulful British spirit, has a supple and powerful stance and is anticipated to be one of the many new MG’s which will form the next generation of vehicles.

This year also, quite appropriately, marks the 50th Anniversary of the MGB.

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  • 9th May 2012

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