Michael Schumacher’s Benetton Ford To Be Auctioned

Benetton Ford

It’s rare to see a Formula 1 car be put up for auction, but 2016 is the year Michael Schumacher’s 1991-92 Benetton Ford will be sold in Monaco.

The car was also driven by Martin Brundle and Nelson Pique Sr.

It has a few selling points, too; it was Piquet’s last ever ride while it also helped Schumacher to attain his first F1 podium finish.

It was also Martin Brundle’s debut car for the Benetton-Ford team.

The car, which was engineered by the legendary John Barnard, comes with a Ford V8 engine and can rev up to some 13,800rpm while producing 730hp.

“When the car first came out,” remembers Barnard, “everyone was jumping up and down about the nose. It was similar in concept to that of the Tyrell 019 – very swept up at the front to improve aerodynamics.”

Brief History Of The Benetton Ford

The car began life on the track at the ’91 Hungarian Grand Prix, with Piquet behind the wheel.

“Nelson Piquet took first place in the Canadian Grand Prix of 1991 driving it,” recalled Barnard. “Every car I had designed up to that point had won in its first season, and Piquet maintained that record.”

Barnard quit the team after that momentous season, which means he wasn’t there when the legendary Schumacher arrived.

The German finished third in his first ever F1 race driving the Benetton-Ford.

The car was retired during the 1992 season, bowing out after the Brazilian Grand Prix.

What continues to make it such a sought-after car is the fact that Schumacher drove it last, finishing third in Interlagos.

The car continues to be easy to run, but whether it’s still drivable is up for debate. However, it is expected to attract bids up to $320,000 when it goes up for auction.


Will Titterington
  • 7th April 2016

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