Sports Country: The Mini Cooper S Paceman Review

Image of the Mini Cooper S Paceman

Mini Cooper S Paceman Review


If you liked the Mini Countryman, but could do with improved looks and performance, the Mini Cooper S Paceman is worth looking into. As the company underlines, the seventh bodystyle to join the Mini family is not just a 2-door Countryman, as it has a style and design of its own.

Even though the Countryman’s front-end styling is still there, you will see a whole new car from the B-pillar back. The rising waist, tapering roofline, and sculpted wheelarches truly make the difference. Overall, the Paceman gives the impression of a more sporty shape, but you should not worry about the space inside, both in the cabin and the boot. There’s actually up to 1,080 litres of boot space and you can sit comfortably in any of the seats even if you are a six-footer.

The large central speedo and chrome details that Mini users are familiar with are present in the Paceman as well. The only thing that could be considered a downside is the presence of two individual rear seats, but this is only an inconvenience for families of five. The standard sports suspensions are the reason for which the Paceman sits lower than the Countryman, but you still get a perfect view of the road thanks to the raised seating. The Paceman S features the same engine used across the Mini line-up. The 181bhp 1.6-litre turbo four-cylinder is powerful enough to keep you happy and it’s got plenty of character as well.

As for the transmission, the six-speed manual comes with a near instant response and makes the Mini Paceman a joy to drive. It’s definitely an improved experience over the Countryman. The responsive steering and the strong brakes further contribute to the pleasant driving experience. Moreover, the longer wheelbase makes the ride better than on the hatch. The price is a bit higher than that of the Countryman, starting at £22,355, but the efficiency is just the same, with 46.3mpg and 143g/km.

Final Verdict
Taking all aspects into account, it seems that the Mini Cooper S Paceman is an improved version of the Countryman. With the frisky handling and stylish design, it blends quite well into the Mini line up. It drives well on long journeys and it overall looks like a grown-up version of the hatch. The only downside is that it is more expensive than the Countryman and you get a smaller boot and less space in the cabin. However, if you’re looking for a premium feeling, you will definitely get it with the Mini Cooper S Paceman.

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  • 16th August 2013

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