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Volkswagen e-Up Vs Nissan Leaf Vs BMW i3: Review & Comparisons

Interested in an Electric vehicle? Explore in this article what we think of the Volkswagen e-Up! and how it compares to other similar cars in the market...
a metallic white volkswagen e-Up! parked in city street
The smiley new Volkswagen e-Up! Hatchback might be a bit unfortunately named (hey up!), but it’s based on one of the most popular city cars around. It’s a lot like the standard VW Up!, except it’s quieter and cheaper to run. That said, it’s also a lot more expensive to buy and depreciates badly. Is it worth making the switch from petrol to electricity? OSV takes a closer look at what it’s all about with our 2018 Volkswagen e-Up! Hatchback review.

Renault Grand Scenic Estate vs SEAT Alhambra Estate vs Ford Grand C-MAX Estate: Review & Comparisons

in the market for an estate? The new Renault Grand Scenic Estate would be a wise choice but how does it compare to SEAT & Ford?
metallic blue renault grand scenic estate parked on gravel with the sun setting in the background
Long journeys with the kids have never been so easy. The new seven-seater Renault Grand Scenic Estate is an impressively stylish offering that’s well-equipped, affordable to run, and super spacious. In many ways, it’s the perfect family car in 2017. It’s the biggest MPV sold on these shores, but despite its size it looks visually compelling. There are plenty of engines to choose from, including a hybrid, while its cabin is a pleasant place to spend your time on the road.

SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE Diesel Estate vs Volkswagen Golf All Track Diesel Estate vs Skoda Kodiaq Diesel Estate: Review & Comparisons

In need of a new Estate? The Seat Leon X-Perience diesel estate could be a wise choice but how does it compare to Volkswagen & Skoda?
white seat leon x-perience diesel estate in desert setting with palm tree in the background
The new SEAT Leon X-perience Diesel Estate is the bigger, tougher, four-wheel-drive version of the poplar Leon Hatchback. It’s not a fully-fledged SUV, but this will suit families who don’t want some of the hang-ups that come with said types of vehicles. Instead, what you get is a dependable and rugged family car that’s well-built, practical and which looks good. It’s got plenty of grip, comes with a raised ride height, and can tow those heavy loads that a conventional Hatchback just can’t.

Porsche Panamera Saloon vs BMW Alpina Saloon vs Audi A8 Diesel Saloon

Fancy a trip to the dump in a Porsche? Sounds bizarre. But the new Porsche Panamera Saloon is a gorgeously designed, highly desirable machine that’s fast, fun to drive - and super practical enough to help with the chores.
Silver Porsche Panamera driving town city road
Fancy a trip to the dump in a Porsche? Sounds bizarre. But the new Porsche Panamera Saloon is a gorgeously designed, highly desirable machine that’s fast, fun to drive - and super practical enough to help with the chores. Because these don’t sell in great numbers, owning one always feels a bit special. And since Porsche have smartened up its previously in-cohesive looks, owning a Panamera now feels even more special. So much prestige is invested in the badge, and despite this being a more practical Porsche than usual (it comes with ISOFIX child seat mounts), it’s still got that bit of va-va voom that sets it apart from pretenders.

Renault Captur Hatchback vs Dacia Duster vs Suzuki Vitara: Review & Comparisons

In the market for a new Hatchback? The Renault Captur Hatchback could be a wise choice but how does it do up against Dacia & Suzuki?
a metallic renault captur hatchback parked on dark gravel with horizon in the background
French styling, a surprising amount of usability and low running costs are all part of the package that makes the new Renault Captur Hatchback such an attractive choice. It’s based on the Clio, which means that if you love that car’s styling and drivability, you’ll probably fall in love with the Captur that adds more space and practical touches. The only thing that’s missing to make it a true road warrior is four-wheel-drive.

Porsche Macan Estate vs BMW X5 Diesel Estate vs Infiniti QX70 Estate: Review & Comparisons

Want a high market Estate? The new Porsche Macan Estate would be a wise choice but how does it compare to BMW & Infiniti?
a dark porsche macan estate driving on tarmac road with a big city in the background
Welcome to the bad boy of the Estate world. The new Porsche Macan Estate is one of the best cars of its type on the market right now. It’s a blast both on and off-road, and can’t be beaten when it comes to driver involvement. It’s a luxury performance vehicle in the top bracket, a car for drivers who like to go fast, but who like to feel good while doing so. It can also offer an incredible amount of space, and it’s highly refined. The best thing is that there are sensible engine options for sensible people, and explosive one for those who want to drive on a knife’s edge.

Peugeot Partner Tepee Diesel Estate vs Citroen Berlingo MultiSpace vs Fiat Doblo Estate: Review & Comparisons

In need of a estate car? The Peugeot Partner Tepee Diesel Estate could be a great choice but how does it compare to Citroen & Fiat?
dark metallic peugeot partner tepee diesel estate
The new Peugeot Partner Tepee Diesel Estate is a solid alternative to a conventional family car. It might not be much fun on the road, but it’s well stocked-up with kit, and super practical and versatile. It’s essentially a van-based people carrier, so if you can get past its looks, this could be the best family car you’ve ever owned. It’s affordable to run, and makes for the perfect way to get you and the kids from A to B and beyond. It’s dependable, rugged, and ready to solve all your interior space issues.

Peugeot Ion Hatchback vs Citroen C-Zero vs Nissan Leaf Hatchback: Reviews & Comparisons

Want to be kinder to the environment? The Peugeot Ion hatchback could help you make a difference but does it match performance of Citroen & Nissan models?
a metallic blue peugeot ion hatchback parked on tarmac infront of bright building
The new Peugeot Ion Hatchback is a cute, dinky, all-electric city car that sports four seats and a small but willing petrol engine. Its electric motor develops up to 64bhp, and can keep going for 93 miles on a single charge. It’s a car for trailblazers who want to make the transition to a fully EV. Space-age aesthetics are complimented by low running costs, which offer a good contrast to the somewhat high starting price. If you want a modern electric car for the commute to work, it’s a strong contender.

Peugeot 508 Diesel Saloon vs Mazda 6 Diesel Saloon vs Toyota Avensis Diesel Saloon: Review & Comparisons

In the market for a saloon? The Peugeot 508 Diesel Saloon would be a wise choice but how does it compare to similar models from Mazda & Toyota?
a metallic Toyota Avensis diesel saloon isolated on a white background
The new Peugeot 508 Diesel Saloon is handsome, comfortable, and boasts top-notch interior quality. However, with prices starting out from £25,000, it looks pricey. There is a reason for its eye-catching price tag - Peugeot want to send out a signal that this is more than your average mainstream large saloon car. It’s a bit classier than that. And while its stylish looks and excellent cabin quality attest to that, some buyers might be put off by its lack of practicality.

Nissan X-Trail Station Wagon vs Subaru XV Hatchback vs Skoda Yeti Outdoor: Review & Comparisons

Need a new car that will fit the whole family? The Nissan X-Trail Station Wagon would be a wise choice but how does it compare to Subaru & Skoda?
metallic orange nissan x-trail station wagon parked on top of large mountain with blue skies in the background
The new Nissan X-Trail is a beefed-up, handsome SUV that looks primed and ready for some adventures with the family. It offers plenty of space, efficient engines, and can seat up to seven people. It competes in a fairly luxurious sector, but what helps it stand out from rivals is that - despite being undeniably stylish - the X-Trail is rugged, and more practical than most competitors.
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