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A new Ford GT?

Ford has already announced that they are working on a number of hybrid and electric vehicles over the next few years.

This week they have provided a teaser for a car that they are planning to launch at the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed (which starts on the 4th July 2019).

You’d expect this kind of launch to take place in the US, especially if it’s coinciding with such an important day in the American calendar. However, this new Ford, the identify of which remains a mystery at present) will be unveiled in all its glory on the first day of the event.

If you’re interested in seeing the new Ford GT then there are still tickets available for the full event.

Tesla’s Arcade Games

Have you ever sat in the carpark and looked at your car and thought “wish I could play a driving game right now?”

Well, this is something that Tesla drivers have been able to do for a while. However, this week, the innovative car manufacturer launched a brand new game, Beach Buggy Racing 2, and they are rolling it out to vehicles as part of a software update. This new game takes the place of Pole Position, a game that the company retired a few months ago.

The new driving game is played using the pedals and steering wheel of your Tesla, and you’re even driving one in the game. What’s not clear yet is whether the wheels will move while you’re stationary or not.

If you’re interested in finding out a little bit more, you can see the preview video for the new gameplay below.

New Renault Zoe comes with better range

Renault have just released information about the brand new Zoe, the third generation of the 100% electric vehicle which the French manufacturer launched in 2012.

This third generation vehicle has increased power and range thanks to a 52kWh battery. The inclusion of this new battery increases the range by over 30% on previous Zoe models, making it possible to travel up to 242miles between charges.

With the addition of the new battery, the Renault Zoe third generation now also has fast DC charging, which will improve charging speed.

The combination of the fast DC charging and use of a 7kWh wallbox, charging of the Zoe from 0-100% takes less than 10 hours.

Previously, the Renault Zoe had a lower range, and wasn’t considered suitable to be a runaround (school run, errands, shopping trips, daily commute), but this third generation is introducing a whole new level of usefulness. Safety has also been looked at and reworked to reassure drivers, including Active Emergency Braking, Traffic Sign Recognition and Blind Sport Monitoring.

What do you think of the new-look Renault Zoe?

Renault Zoe

Hand sanitisers…is your need to be clean ruining your car interior?

It’s expected that the demand for hand sanitiser will rise by an estimated 60% by 2024.

Ford engineers are warning that the chemicals found in this everyday item, and others such as sun tan lotions and insect repellent can cause the interior surfaces in your car to wear prematurely.

The inclusion of sun tan lotion on this short list might surprise you, however, the higher the sun protection factor of your lotion, the more titanium oxide is in it. Titanium oxide reacts with plastics and the natural oils that are often found in leather.

Most, though not all, hand sanitisers contain ethanol, which also causes damage to anything containing oil, drying out leather and causing plastics discolouration.

With hand sanitisers becoming that much more popular, and people using sun tan lotion more frequently, this makes us ask whether there is something we should be doing to preserve the interior of our cars…or, is there something which can be done by manufacturers (different materials?) to prevent this from happening?

Bentley Flying Spur…chauffeur-driven in amazing style

Bentley have been on the promotion train when it comes to their new Flying Spur.

The model is not currently available for purchase, or order, in the UK (or other EU countries) however, the promotional materials are there to admire.

If you want to stay up to date on when the Flying Spur will be available. Get in touch with our Vehicle Experts.

Aston Martin builds another car for Norse warriors

It was first previewed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019 with the codename AM-RB 003, but this week in New York, Aston Martin formally unveiled their new mid-engine hypercar.

The British manufacturer has appeared a lot in motoring news recently, and that’s hardly surprising as they are incredibly busy.

This collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies and the F1 engineer Adrian Newey, has been named Valhalla, aftrer the hall of the fallen in Norse mythology, where fallen warriors are transported by the Valkyrie after they die in battle.

The Valhalla will be powered by a turbocharged V6 petrol engine and battery-electric hybrid system, it will have an all-carbon fibre body.

However, if you want to be one of the lucky few to own one then you will need to hurry as only 500 will be built.

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