New BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid5 Review

The new BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid is really one of the first driver-orientated saloons available in the full-sized executive sector, but it’s more or less competing against the BMW Diesel 5 Series, and with a pretty big price tag, it’s hard to see just how competitive it’s going to be. Still, let’s have a quick scan of the positives: this petrol/electric 5 Series Saloon is powered by a 3.0-litre engine that has 325PS with the inclusion of an electric motor, and offers up superb drivability that, so far, no other hybrid has quite managed.

2014 BMW Active Hybrid5

Furthermore, BMW is investing a lot of time and resource into hybrid power, with the new BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid5 being the first to benefit from their endeavours. No doubt, the German brand’s interest in the niche was fuelled by a desire to outwit rivals Mercedes and Audi, and it’s paying off here. Let’s take a closer look.

A Hybrid That Drives As Normal As Possible

If any driver is expecting a hybrid to feel slightly unusual and unnerving once it’s fired up, the new BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid5 is here to quash those apprehensions. Once you start the car, it feels as normal as it could do. The major difference is that you have more pulling power, otherwise you probably wouldn’t know you were even in a hybrid. Well, perhaps not until you tested the claims that the 2013 BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid5 can run for up to 2.4 miles in electric-only mode en route to a top speed of 37mph.

The petrol unit is not entirely dissimilar to the 535i’s 3.0-litre engine, coming with 335PS and 450Nm of torque. You can hurtle to 60mph from rest in 5.9 seconds, the same figures managed by the 535i, so you may be asking what advantage the new BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid5 actually has, and what good the electric motor and extra pulling power is actually doing? Well, the car is fairly weighty, with a kerb weight of 1.85 tonnes. Still, it’s fast enough, right? Moreover, the steering is excellent, and the automatic gear box comes with truly proper gears. It’s a car built for British roads. It’s an executive saloon – but with hybrid power.

Looks Normal Too

It looks normal too. Well, that is to say that the new BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid5 looks like a 5 Series. But this is good news because a few consumers, for one reason or another, assume that a hybrid will look a bit, well – silly. The new BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid5 casts those aspersions aside, with the only real hint that this is a hybrid being the 1.3kWh lithium-ion battery pack that is placed above the multi-link rear axle. In terms of looks, this doesn’t do much damage. In terms of space, though, the boot takes a hit – it has ended up with a capacity of 375-litres which, for an executive saloon, is somewhat disappointing.

2014 BMW Active Hybrid5

Up front, normality is restored along with a touch of elegance. There is a hybrid logo on the cupholder (well, it had to go somewhere, right?), but apart from that the central display system is what you would typically find in a 5 Series, with the overall interior design by atypical of large BMW cars in general. It has that real classy, homely feel that we have come to expect from the German brand.

Final Thoughts

The new BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid5 price range start at £47,000 with BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid5 deals rising to £50,000. BMW no doubt face stiff competition from their own 5 Series, as well as consumer scepticism towards hybrid cars. But they also face competition from rival hybrids produced by Audi and Mercedes – as well as full-sized executive saloon bestsellers, the Audi A6 and the Mercedes E-Class. So, the question becomes, why should you opt for the 2013 BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid5?

Well, the new BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid5 does come with a 3.0-litre six cylinder engine, which already sets it apart from the Audi four cylinder. It’s also faster than the diesel-only Mercedes and better to drive than Lexus’ offering in this sector. The fuel economy figures are incredible too – 44.6mpg. For a big car, those are great figures. Emissions are 149g/km which are also phenomenal figures for the more green-minded among us. All in all, if you want your executive saloon to have some potent hybrid power, you can’t really go wrong with the 2014 BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid5.

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