New Ford Mustang almost breaks the internet

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Forget Kim Kardashian, the new Ford Mustang had many European enthusiasts hot under the collar last month, as 500,000 Mustang fans sought to configure the iconic car, leading to a mass flooding of Ford websites.

The new Ford Mustang will be available to order in Europe later this autumn for the first time in its legendary 50 year history. When news was announced last month that Europeans would be able to configure and price up the car, almost half a million did so, with Ford websites generating 1.1 million hits in just a short space of time.

It probably came as little surprise to those in the know that keeping European’s from snapping up the iconic Ford Mustang for half a century would lead to a full-on website stampede when it finally became available in 2015. Potential customers ran riot as they designed, specified and even priced-up their dream car in the first month the car has been available to order across the Atlantic.

Roelant de Waard, Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Service for Ford of Europe said that “the rush to configure Mustang online represents 50 years of pent-up demand across Europe. For some, the new Mustang is the car they have waited for their whole lives.” China are also getting excited too, with 5 million drivers checking out the Ford site to discover what the Mustang is all about.

European’s were able to reserve their Ford Mustang during the 2014 UEFA Champions League Final, with 500 consumers registering within 30 seconds.

The configurations were pretty much split right down the middle, divided between the 2.3-litre EcoBoost variant, which comes with 314PS, and the 5.0-litre 418PS V8 power plant. The 2.3-litre unit is slightly in the lead, with potential buyers preferring to mate it to a six-speed manual transmission.

Mustang fans in the UK were more interested in the hefty V8 unit, as were those in Germany. Potential Italian, Spanish and French buyers, though, were more excited by the prospect of the more efficient EcoBoost unit. The most popular colours overall were Race Red and black.

The new Ford Mustang will come with a choice of 10 exterior colours, 19” wheels, automatic Xenon headlamps, LED tail lamps and a performance brake package. It will be available at FordStore locations across Europe, with 100 markets worldwide selling it. Asia will be the first continent to be treated to the new Ford Mustang, with the iconic car expected to hit UK stores by the summer.

Will Titterington
  • 18th March 2015

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