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The New Hyundai Generation i30 Tourer is set to increase returns from the i30 Tourer thanks to the car’s amazing value, supreme quality, stylish design, driving experience and nonpareil efficiency.

Although the car boasts a host of improvements, it has also retained a huge amount of characteristics exhibited by its hatchback sibling, a phenomenal success in the European market.

Planning on purchasing a new car? One ideal car to purchase is the New Generation Hyundai i30 whose orders have already hit the 60,000 units mark.

The Hyundai i30 is already UK’s most popular car only a few months after its first introduction to the market.

The car beats even the likes of the ix35 compact SUV, a seasoned model that has been in the market for quite a while now.

Hyundai has great expectations that this Hyundai i30 Tourer will boost the overall demand of the i30 models in the UK market with an estimated growth of 30 per cent.

The warm reception that met the launch of the popular five-door in the UK is expected to be extended with the introduction of the new Tourer.

The availing of the new model to the UK market for both purchase and lease terms, brings forth an expanded choice for car buyers in the UK treating consumers to quality and efficiency.

In addition, the car promises amazing functionality and dramatic style unmatched in the industry.

This New Generation Hyundai i30 boasts a number of fetes among them; a 5-star rating with Euro NCAP and an excellent score in ‘child occupant’ assessment.

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