New Honda CR-Z Review

First things first, the new Honda CR-Z looks absolutely amazing. It may be a hybrid car, but that clearly doesn’t mean that it can’t be sporty and sexy, as well as frugal and fun. It’s an explosive sports coupe that is affordable, eco-minded, and doesn’t shirk any excitement despite what critics and various magazine scribes might have forecast.

New Honda CR Z

Honda first entered the hybrid car market way back in 1999, at the cusp of the new Millennium. Indeed, their way of welcoming in the third Millennium was by presenting us the Honda Insight, a hybrid car that probably looked like most peoples’ preconceptions of what a hybrid model would be – strange, awkward, futuristic, and actually a little bit creepy. But the Japanese brand have come a long way since then, tweaking their design and engineering, and the new Honda CR-Z  mercifully takes zero cues from the unorthodox Insight. Instead, it’s inspired by the Honda CR-X sports coupe of the ’80’s. Let’s take a closer look at this zippy hybrid.

A Bit of Power

The new Honda CR-Z only comes with a 1.5-litre engine, and to a lot of consumers, that might sound a little drab. How, you may ask, can a sports coupe even be a sports coupe without a bit of power and panache underneath the bonnet? Well, it’s worth reminding ourselves that the new Honda CR-Z is a hybrid after all, and so it receives a power boost via an electric motor that is neatly placed between the gearbox and the engine. This motor means that you get a total of 136PS. Not too shabby for a sports coupe after all.

New Honda CR Z

Inside you’ll find a patented 3-Mode Drive System, which is a popular system across many brands of contemporary cars. This allows you to choose a driver preference, with choices being Sport, Normal and Eco. The names speak for themselves, and the options allow you to vary the throttle, steering and torque to suit your mood and driving style. The Sport mode actually changes the instrument colour to red to really put you in the mood for a head rush. This mode will see you get to 62mph from rest in around 9.2 seconds,

Sporty Style

When Honda first unveiled the hybrid Insight back in 1999, mostly everyone would probably have preferred they hadn’t. Thankfully, lessons have been learned and the new Honda CR-Z is a sports coupe that looks very sporty indeed. It’s basically the popular 1980’s CR-X coupe restyled a little to give it a contemporary finish. This particular revised new Honda CR-Z model has an improved front bumper and grille, and better aerodynamics at the rear. The overall style oozes class and really points to the future, giving enthusiasts the chance to dream that motoring truly does have a few exciting things up its sleeve.

The interior hasn’t changed much since the 2013 Honda CR-Z, but most consumers would arguably agree that nothing really needed to change. Indeed, if there was one grip with the interior it would probably be that Honda should invest in some better material for the cabin. Still, you do get an array of hi-tech instruments that are probably the most futuristic, ‘new Millennium’ features this new Honda CR-Z possesses. Space overall is decidedly lacking, though you do get 225-litres of space in the boot. Naturally, some of the space is taken up by the lithium ion batteries at the back, so it’s essentially the same as you got from the 2013 Honda CR-Z.

Final Thoughts

New Honda CR-Z offers start at £23,000 with Honda CR-Z offers rising to £23,000, with used Honda CR-Z deals naturally slightly cheaper. There aren’t many variants to choose from, just two in fact – the Sport and the GT, with the GT being the more expensive of the pair, though it does come with leather trim and bigger wheels. Whichever variant you choose, this hybrid sports coupe doesn’t have too many rivals in its sector, particularly because it’s as economical as it is sporty. There is the option of a Mini Coupe Cooper D, but running costs are higher, and it’s also substantially more noisier.

Standard specs here include daytime running lights, climate control, Vehicle Stability Assist Technology and heated mirrors. The problem Honda might have is persuading sporty-minded consumers that the eco-friendly new Honda CR-Z is going to offer a satisfying experience. The truth is that it does, and with the 3-Mode Drive System you can really put pedal to the mettle here, having fun whilst you’re at it.

If you want to get hold of the new Honda CR-Z, don’t hesitate to leave us a message on our contact page, or give us a call on 01903 538835 to find out more about our Honda CR-Z lease deals.

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  • 8th December 2014

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