New Mercedes Benz CL Class Review

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The new Mercedes Benz CL Class is a giant of a car, yet it’s one that goes underneath many folks’ radar. But this thunderous, 435bhp luxury coupe is exactly the kind of car performance and comfort lovers will warm to. Let’s take a closer look at what the Mercedes Benz CL Class offers.

front view of Mercedes CL
Coupe Power

The new Mercedes Benz CL Class comes fitted with a boisterous, super competitive V8 435bhp twin turbo engine that races to 60mph from rest in just 4.9 seconds. It’s powerful too, with peak power reached at 6000rpm. If the V8 isn’t for you, there is also a V12 517bhp on offer too; this is a twin turbo unit that can propel you to 62mph from rest in 4.6 seconds. For anyone who wants their new Mercedes Benz CL Class to go even quicker, there will be further CL AMG spin-offs on offer.

The new Mercedes Benz CL Class is not exactly designed to eat curvy country roads for breakfast, but if you find a straight road to power it down you’ll feel the kind of exhilaration this car was always going to engineer. Its power is provided by Active Body Control, which adapts to driving conditions, as well as Torque Vectoring Brake which enhances stability. Direct Steer has also been implemented.

A Distinguished Specimen

For a coupe, the new Mercedes Benz CL Class is certainly an elegant, grand machine. But this is most certainly a good thing, particularly when you consider some of the drab CL propositions of times gone by. Defined by its V-shaped grille and distinctive bonnet, it’s a finely sculpted specimen that, were it a human being, would be termed a distinguished gentleman. One that packs a punch, of course.

Mercedes CL Class

The new Mercedes Benz CL Class is noticeably bigger than its predecessors, and this means more space. It’s 5,095mm long, and 1871mm wide, and weighs 2070kg, ensuring that this is a seriously big machine. If you saddle it with the monster V12 engine, you’ll also be adding a further 100kg. Despite its size, this is a four-seater, with the front two seats being some of the best seats you’ll have ever experienced in a car. Each one gets a four-way electric adjustment, as well as pneumatic lumbar supports.

Facts and Figures

New Mercedes Benz CL Class deals start from around £94,000, and rise to around £163,000. The colossal weight is also enhanced by some superb technology, including bi-xenon headlights, which come with 5 lighting modes, as well as Adaptive High Beam Assists and Active Lane Keeping Assist. It’s all heady stuff at first, but it’s also very practical and useful. The brand have worked extremely hard to keep running costs down, and the V8 returns fuel consumption figures of 29.4mpg, whilst emitting 227g/km. The V12 meanwhile coughs up numbers of 19.9mpg and 334g/km.

Final Thoughts

Mercedes cars are like a fine wine; they age elegantly and mature beautifully. The new Mercedes Benz CL Class really has aged wonderfully, but critics might point to the fact that its price tag is a bit redundant and puts it almost on par with, say, a more lucrative Bentley Continental GT. What this car offers as an alternative is the ability to accommodate four people. As well as that, it also offers comfort, power and refinement. If you’re further seduced by its powerful V8 and V12 engines, it’s well worth a closer look.

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