New VW Beetle – It’s a bugs life

There’s only one bug I like and that has four wheels and a flower displayed on the dashboard. I’ve always enjoyed VW Beetles, and have fond memories pottering in the garage with my dad trying to revitalise our own Herbie.

New range of VW Beetle

New range of VW Beetle

Well, we certainly have moved on in leaps and bounds since then! The two new model ranges of Beetle come with either a 2.0 litre 140bhp turbo diesel engine or a 2.0 litre 200bhp turbo charged petrol engine. Both available with six speed manual or auto transmission.

The petrol is nippy (for a bug) going from 0-62mph in just 7.5 seconds with a top speed of 139mph. Combined 38.2mpg with a C02 rating of 172g/km for manual transmission and 179g/km for auto transmission. The diesel is just behind at 0-62mph in 9.5 seconds and will reach 123mph. Combined 57.6mph with a C02 rating of 129g/km for manual transmission and 140g/km for auto transmission.

A wide range of optional equipment is also available on all Beetle models, including keyless access, satellite navigation systems, bi-xenon headlights and a selection of different alloy wheel designs.

The Fender sound system will be a lovely addition to the car, offering a 400W output and a subwoofer, along with switchable three-colour illumination surrounding the front loudspeakers, all for just £500.

The Beetle is also available with a 1.2-litre 105bhp seven-speed auto and a 1.4-litre 160bhp six-speed manual. These models were restricted by supply at launch but are all now available.

This new range from VW definitely holds their own whilst still capturing their unique beauty. If you’re a lover of the bug contact us today to get your lease in place.

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Lets not forget the awesome TV advert for the Beetle.

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  • 26th July 2012

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