Nissan Disable Connect App Because Someone Hacked It

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There are always going to be times when new in-car technology just doesn’t work the first time around, and that was the case with the Nissan Connect EV app which allowed Nissan Leaf drivers to use their phones to control the vehicles’ heating and cooling.

Sounds great, but unfortunately for Nissan, a savvy Australian researcher/hacker was able to demonstrate how he could use the app to take control of other cars, too.

The app was designed with a major security flaw that allowed a remote hacker to take control of any Nissan Leaf’s temperature controls simply by knowing its vehicle identification number (VIN). The Australian researcher reported the bug to Nissan in January, but got no response.

He then published a blog post last week which finally prompted Nissan to take action.

Nissan Leaf Still Safe To Drive

 Nissan have said that the Leaf is still safe to drive, despite the temperature control issues.

“The issues had no effect whatsoever on the vehicle’s operation or safety.

“Our 200,000 Leaf drivers across the world can continue to use their cars safely and with total confidence. The only functions that are affected are those controlled via the mobile phone – all of which are still available to be used manually, as with any standard vehicle.”

Nissan will be launching a revised version of Nissan Connect EV ‘soon’.

The Australian researcher used his blog to warn against automotive companies rushing in to join the ‘internet of things craze’, suggesting that companies are so desperate to be the first to do this or that that they are neglecting security.

“Security cannot be an afterthought,” he wrote.

Volvo and your keyless cars, hologram showrooms and everything else – take note.

Will Titterington
  • 25th February 2016

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