Nissan May Be Planning To Takeover Mitsubishi


Mitsubishi Motors found itself caught up in a scandal last month when it admitted that it had been illegally manipulating fuel economy tests on vehicles made for the Japanese market since 1991.

At first, it was assumed the automotive giant had only cheated with a select few models, but it was eventually revealed that the cheating was spread far and wide and had been ongoing for almost 25 years.

Pretty much every single Mitsubishi model in Japan had been affected.

While Mitsubishi still waits to see what will happen next, a takeover of the company by Nissan has been mooted.

Mitsubishi Come Out Fighting

According to Automotive News, Nissan may be about to invest some $1,840,000,000 in Mitsubishi Motors as it bids to seal a takeover of the organisation.

The news was first hinted at by NKH, a Japanese broadcaster who didn’t name a source.

Mitsubishi Motors have since come out fighting, saying they are looking to calm the storm themselves.

Orders for new cars, though, have drifted, while its stock price has plummeted sharply by 43% since the scandal broke.

Nissan has also been affected by the scandal; it had a partnership agreement with the Japanese giant to sell 2 of its models which have been caught up in the controversy.

As of yet, there are no indications that Mitsubishi’s cheating affected any models sold in the UK.

Will Titterington
  • 12th May 2016

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